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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Addendum to "Tyranny".

Addendum to:
> Public Address (Tyranny) < (dec 2013). 
Moove website;
A Den for Rats/Trolls

Moove website (moove.com) is only populated
with Griefers/Trolls/Board-Rats, and SignUpGamers.

> Griefers List < (Rats/Trolls)

The presence of those little enfeeble Twidly-didly-Clowns (2 wasted fidgets, and their 4-5 pets) is a total dishonour to the Spirit of Roomancer-3D. Shamefull asthenic brats (26/27yo), bored to death, having nothing to do but to vomit their scum on anybody who stands out with something positive and constructive.

- They hijack the boards, so only them Rats can post-bashing.
(hijacking: an act punishable by criminal law),

- They spam Member's Guestbook with insulting posts:
foul language, gross images, and offensive videos
(reported many times: incest, bestiality, paedophila).

- They create tons of Alternate-Nicknames,
so they can lure Genuine Members into harassing them with obscenity,
nasty annoyances, and nuisances.

Nobody in their right mind wants to be associated with any of that!

Moove website is an aweful shame.
An outrageous embarrassment to any Roomancer-3D Owner.

As soon as they landed, the few newcomers turned away and they use Roomancer-3D offline. Very-Long Time-Members coming back and looking at those Wasteyards (Moove website Boards) only turn away and leave once again. Every week (since October 2013), we get messages from Long-time Members leaving, saying they are vexed and disappointed so much that they delete their account!

Many mambers are asking us:
How much longer will this decrepitude go on?

For describing the situation/context, we can use a simple comparison:

I am sure that you know about Paludism disease.
If you read about its medical description, you will realize that Moove website (moove.com) is infected with Paludism-like disease by those Rats/Trolls. The dynamics is exactly the same: When the infectious agent reproduces too much (Griefers' Alts), the organism becomes ill (tyranny, despotism, spams with obscenity, paedophilia, incest, bestiality, harassments, annoyances, threats, bribery, etc.). The organism (moove.com) can not remove the infectious agent (Rats/Trolls), because they would come back with different ip Address and go on doing just the same.

Therefore, the appropriate treatement is to limit the propagation
of the infectious agent (slow down the multiplication of Griefers' Alts),
and shut down their means of infection (disable all boards).
Otherwise, the organism will expire.

Now, they are using Ratsagirl as a Stalking Horse! (to conceal the prowler while stalking). Using false and empty allegations that are purported to be genuine: spurious imitations.
Using their many Alternate-Nicknames, they have "nominated" her as their queen,
which in fact means: "the Queen-of-Rats/Trolls"!

Of course they are using Ratsagirl as a sham candidate
put forward to conceal and cover their true purpose: Despotism.
A sick crave for self-purpose in life.

Again: deceitfulness, deliberately misleading, deceptive.

Their last Alt-Nickname (they can't even write), Aminboards
(instead of Adminboards) is a clear reference to Idi Amin Dada.
Characterised by human rights abuse, political repression, ethnic cleansing,
extrajudicial killings, nepotism, corruption, and gross mismanagement...

The Kingdom-Of-Light study conclusion has anthicipated all of this.

> 3rd. Semester Report < (Dec.2013)

At the dawn of 2014;
Moove website (moove.com) is a dreadful embarrassment.

Once a great resource for Roomancer-3D, it has been impudently dilapidated.
It is becoming in such a state of decrepitude,
everybody is on a stance to decamp!

- Genuine members are fleeing one by one...
- Others are about to "fly the coop"...
- Long time first members only have a brief look, and take to one's heels.

In spite of that;
Roomancer-3D program has nothing to do with Moove website.

Thankfully enough, the Forefathers were clever and wise!
Roomancer-3D Peer-to-Peer System only needs Moove website
for login into its Dedicated Server

- Thanks to BrandWorlds Co. -

Roomancer-3D will survive!
Whereas Moove website turns into a putrid relic.

Alea iacta est!



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