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Brotherhood to the Kingdom Of Light
Founding principles.

Moove 3D World is the very best Online 3d Social-Chat Facility!
Therefore, all genuine members need come together,
seek alliances and invest in sincere friendships,
to bring about agreable and enticing atmosphere!


Presenting Personal Residences and Public Places
where each can express her/his own Fantasies,
one's Character or Alter Ego, in the purpose of Happiness!

A life-style that involves Desire, Passion, Excitement,
Pleasure, Enthusiasm, Creativity (being creative), Artistic and Refined taste,
Sharing, Happiness, Satisfaction, Rapture, Open Mind,
in full Respect of each other and other life-styles or subcultures.

In this context, this GROUP is meant for bringing together honest and genuine User-Members,
experienced old-timers and interested newcomers, within a spirit of good-will,
for establishing an atmosphere of brotherhood, fraternity, and fellowship!

Somewhat similar to Guilds on Shaiya 3D World,
And since the concept is the idea of continuity,
This GROUP is established on Principles of Knighthood.

- See bellow: Principles Of Knighthood.

In Moove 3D World Online:

A Group of trustworthy Moove Members,
experienced with specific Roomancer Tools,
Genuine, enthusiasts, creative, and helpfull,
Passionate and dedicated to harmonious frienship. 

One is no Chivalier,
who does not practice the truths of honour and duty.

Principles Of Knighthood.

Templar Knights:

- Etain: Shaiya planet Goddess-Of-Light.

In Shaiya ante-medieval 3d world of magic endowments, evil creatures and darkness,
And in Moove 3d world of personal residences and public places,
There exist this Order of Knighthood, which does recognize the skill and honor of its members.

- Order Of The Temple Of Etain
(Ordre du Temple de Etain, ou Templiers):

- Temple of Etain's Templar Knights
(Les Chevaliers Templiers):

Members of this Order of Chivalry are mighty warriors,
Knights and Masters-of-Arms, They are also skilled in the Art-of-War,
And are giving of their time to the benefit of the common well being of others.

The Templar Knights, Of The Temple Of Etain:

A Knight of honour (Chevalier) is the poet of justice and truth,
They are the guardians of the weak,
They are the defenders of the helpless.

Self-centredness (the cult of selfhood), a Templar Knight seeks not.
They salve their lives for those they serve.

No one can aspire to become a Templar Knight,
Unless they understand and apply the Truths of Honour and Duty.

No one gains true respect by the murder and the pain of others.

Those who seek for valour will discover the poets of justice
that lie within their noble hearts.

Although these principle are applied on terrains of combat
while accomplishing deeds, tasks, missions and quests...
Nevertheless these are principles of value and virtue,
And they contribute to better relations and friendships!

CODE OF HONOR: The truths of honour and duty.

Order Of The Temple Of Etain Knight’s Code of Honor:

- Courage of the Heart;
To attempt to never lay down arms even when the foe is merciless.
To know when to surrender.

- Faith;
A Templar Knight must see into the heart,
and know that the edge of the cliff may hold wings.
To know they are never really alone.

- Mercy;
To feel the touch of tears.

To show kindly forbearance toward any person or creature,
that are in one’s power, for a Templar Knight has had to live at the mercy of defeat.

Using discretionary power, to show compassion with attitudes and words,
even to one’s offender, especially those who do not understand.

- Nobility;
To uphold nobleness of mind, character or spirit at all times.
To remember even when alone that one has the virtues and duties
of a Templar Knight.

- Humility;
To make meek one’s heart and be courteously respectful to all.

- Generosity;
To give in any manner without the thought of return.
To have the wisdom to see that to give to another is to give to one’s self,
for all are connected.

- Hope;
When one cannot see in the forest,
the heart feels the cadence of the voice in the dark,
and with bravery the Templar Knight follows in silence.

In times of great distress, to see the droplet of light in a bucket of sorrow,
and weave that into one’s armour with cheerfulness.

- Justice;
To be fair and not judge others.
A Templar Knight knows that to falter is human,
and to hold out a hand sometimes will strengthen the weak.

- Loyalty;
To be faithful to one’s self.
To do no harm to one’s fellow Templar Knights.

Remember: All for One and One for All,
and Etain will be your inspiration in times of distress.

Today begins your duties of honour and value,
as Chivalier in the Kingdom Of Light!. 

I shall serve Light truly!
Templar Knight.

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