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  1. Good day;
    Welcome to the Group Kingdom-Of-Light;
    Anyone on internet can post opinions, interests, and news here.All posts are moderated and only relevant ones are published.

    Moove Members to Join this Group:
    On Community Page, to the Left Blue Options,
    Click on Group, on that page click on Join Group,select this Group: KINGDOM-OF-LIGHT...

    In the spirit of Brotherhood,

  2. Perhaps I can begin a light discussion.

    Being back in Moove, I see so many marked differences,
    apart from the main one of not being able to gain
    membership, its a great pity to see so many designers
    have also left Moove over recent months and years.

    Fortunately, I have been lucky enough to have preserved
    my Moove folders and files and I am able to use those.
    So should anyone need something specific please do ask,
    I may not have it available but I will check and share
    them with you should I have them. Or point you in the
    right direction to obtain them to further enhance your
    Moove experiences....

    In the spirit of Brotherhood,

  3. Sensuality….

    So what is sensuality?
    Well first of all the word is derived from the French ‘sensualite’,
    Latin ‘sensualitas’ (sensibility, capacity for sensation) the state of
    being sensual, sensuous and sexy.

    If you look at the definition of ‘sensuality’, there are varying
    definitions depending on where you look, ask anyone what the
    definition is and you get even more varying definitions and

    Sensuality is not to be confused with sex; sensuality means to be
    aroused by things of beauty, luxury and refinement, to be aware and to
    explore the world, life and love with all the senses.

    Being or to be sensual is to be aware and appreciate the natural,
    ecstasy that can be found in the sensuous, passionate world of
    feeling, inhabited by poets, artists, song writers and dreamers. Being
    sensual brings us to a life felt through our senses.

    Sensuality is the acute awareness of what our senses perceive. This
    devotion to that which is smelled, felt, touched, heard, tasted and
    seen, has some bearing on how one experiences life. People, who are
    exceptionally sensual, live for the moment and are not hung over on
    the future or the past. What is presently going on is enough the
    capture the sensual individuals full attention. Which is an excellent
    recipe for happiness; sensual people enjoy experience itself, basking
    within these acts rather than rushing through them to get to the end.
    Sensual people take advantage of what life has to offer, almost living
    everyday as if it were their last.

    Sensuality is, in essence, how in tune we are with our senses. How
    sensual you are plays a key role in both your sex life and your
    overall ability to derive pleasure from life itself.

    Sensuality is, not being afraid to explore and experience where ever
    your imagination might take you, be it with a lover where you explore
    each others delights, and over stretch the sensations created by
    touching repeatedly, feeling their responses and understanding their
    meanings, interpreting their look, their reactions or just enjoying a
    meal with close friends or loved ones.

    Living a sensual life, is to live life!


    1. Thanks for describing this (Sensuality), which we often confuse with other "feelings & emotions", Very enlighting!

    2. Thank you, yes we do often confuse it, which was one of the reasons I felt it wouldnt hurt to give an explanation....many thanks again!


  4. I never thought this day would come.
    I truly thought you were the one.
    We use to laugh and talk all night.
    Now we argue, fuss, and fight.
    All is wrong in things I do.
    To take the ..........


    1. It would have been nice to complete yur Poem,
      And to sign it with yur Nickname!
      Good Luck!

    2. Would be nice to see the poem in its entirety!



  5. Autumn leaves, sway in the autumn breeze,
    brushing my face as they fall, endlessly falling.
    The atmosphere is dry, the leaves are dry
    crunching underfoot reminding you that
    winter is nigh, and the tormented winds
    will once again be with us, ferocious in their
    journey, let out of their confines to blow us
    this way and that, so gentle by comparison
    are the autumn winds, caressing the leaves
    to their destination, turning them such beautiful
    hues from our imaginations, remembered
    autumn days from our childhood, remembered
    times of pending days of rain infested afternoons,
    of gloomy skies and the promise of snow underfoot.
    Autumn leaves, brush my face, falling, falling in my memory.


    1. Delightful view! Thanks!

    2. Thanks, I wrote this some while ago!


  6. Well, I'm sea-side sitting,
    Just smonking and drinking on the ring-side,
    On top of the world... Oh Yeah!

    She has a drink in her hand,
    She has her toes in the sand,
    What a beautiful girl... Oh yeah!

    What a sweet draging, Honey,
    Wait a little bit, why don't you turn your head around!
    Greet on to say, with a look to mean
    That she'd like to fool around!

    What a snappy little mammy,
    Gonna keep her pappy happy and accompany me,
    To the ends of the earth, Oh yeah!

    Well, I'm a bum in the sun, and I'm having fun!
    And of all, you know, I got no special plans!
    All my bills are paid, I got it made in the shade,
    And all I need... is a beautiful girl!

  7. why mooveboards are full of shit
    it shoudl be for everyone,
    no just a few saying crap all thetime
    who moderator on those?

    1. The Moove-Boards are NOT moderated,
      We " The Kingdom-Of-Light " have nothing to do with those,
      And we do NOT address any issues from those.

      We do not "enable" comments referring to Moove-Boards,
      And we will not address further this topic.

  8. i like the idea of this board here,to post things of interest or just observations without others beatin on ya for your opinion,,thanks for creating this,,,i'll be looking here as opportunities present themselves and hopefully can offer comments or observations of my own pup hope i did the URL right,,supposed to be y nickpage :-P

    1. Thanks a lot Pup!
      We do appreciate, and yu're very welcome!
      Indeed, this Board is open to all people of good will, all over internet, for sharing "things of interests and observations", News, Comments, Suggestions, and Texts.

      As we abide by the Code Of Honor (on page: Brotherhood), we feel Respect and Empathy are essentials for establishing a "community" on!
      Looking forward to reading yurs!

      NOTE: The URL yu provided (Nickpage) might come from yu as "Logged in User", so it doesn't work for others. Here is the Public URL to yur Nickpage, However, yur "Profile And Privacy" settings doesn't allow yur Nickpage to readers from internet ("deranged_puppy_in_drag" made it visible for logged Members only):


    2. It is nice to be able to have your say, as you say, without anyone beating you on the board, that certainly wont happen here, so should you want to discuss anything in particular, or just join in with a quote or poem or even to recommend a piece of music please do...looking forward :)


  9. Excellent discussion last night, re Theme Justice. It was interesting and informative, would be great to see a summery of what our conclusions were when you have time Carl, I know your
    busy bee....looking forward to the next discussion...many thanks!


  10. Oh by the way folks, please do register your interest with me
    should you wish to join in with the discussions, anyone welcome
    to come along, just listen or join in, which ever you feel comfortable with, can reach me via in Moove mail system, thanks :)


  11. What a woman looks for in a man....

    Gosh where do I bein with this one...
    Not as much as you might think really!


    Not in that order but these are the most important
    things a woman looks for, I guess the order doesnt
    matter so long as they all exist within any given

    There should be no room anywhere for arguing, discussion
    yes, arguing isnt productive, all it does is exasperate
    any situation, ranting and raving is so negative, we all
    feel bad after doing that anyway, so why make ourselves
    feel bad, a relationship should be happy, not unhappy.

    A relationship has to be built on solid foundations, its a
    good thing to take ones time to really build a strong friend-
    ship first, sure there can be a strong attraction, nothing
    wrong with that, but establishing a strong friendship will let
    the rest ride with no problems really, a lot has to do with
    attitude too, a positive attitude is fundamental, caring about
    each other is an absolute given, knowing each cares is so comforting, knowing each listens to the other is very necessary.
    Consideration tells that a person truly does care, really is in tune with you, and knowing all these things are positive it gives you a great sense of reassuranc, we all need to feel confident in our partners, with all these things firmly in place we all feel confident.

    But they dont come about all by themselves, they have to be worked at, and kept alive all the time, there is no room for complaicancies...its up to both involved to take active part in the relationship.....take every opportunity to show them in everyway possible how much you care, actions really do speak louder than words at times......and we all need to remember that.


    1. Very interesting!
      I think that, as long as none have "hiden agenda",
      These are basic elements ensuring a Couple can grow!

  12. Forgiveness....

    Have you ever thought to yourself, 'I can never forgive', when someone has either offended you or done something that so outrages you, you continue to feel the anger and resentment for a long time afterwards?

    I am sure you have, as have I, however I came to realize early on in my life, that to harbour indignations and resentments only served to make me angry and feel bad in myself.

    There is no psychological definition for forgiveness, but those who do forgive are happer in themselves, healthier, studies show that when one forgives they shows a marked improvement in cardiovascula and thier nervous systems. The more a person is likely to forgive the more they are guarded against an array of illnesses, and those who tended not to forgive actually showed a marked increase in an array of illnesses.

    Forgiveness can be learned, with a concious effort. We need to remember that the power within forgiveness is that it is healing as well as having effects such as positivity, optimism, being able to forgive an array of situations more readily, be more compassionate and certainly more self confident. It brings about less stress and more vitality.

    So, with these positive elements in mind, being forgiving is the best way to proceed from the quagmire of feeling angry and stressed.

    Perhaps next time something happens that makes you question to forgive or not, remember the positive outcomes that are born of being able to actually forgive.

    thanks for reading.

    1. Very, very interesting!
      And since this is part of the Code of Honor to Kingdom-Of-Light,
      these are information to meditate on...

    2. Your most welcome and thanks, yes thats what I thought :):)


  13. Official Public Address (April, 2013); Moove Community.

    On behalf of the Moove Group KINGDOM-OF-LIGHT;
    I am expressing Sincere Thank You to: Lothar, Kozzan, and Belle,
    For maintaining Moove online and operational!

    Yes indeed, "Moove must thrive on its own",
    And we do agree totally with that!

    (...) Read the text on page: Group Membership.

  14. Yes Moove had been left to thrive or not on its own!
    Pity, thing is people are not working together, for
    what ever reason, they all seem to have an agenda of
    some kind, whether it be for have total control, or
    just to make others lives online miserable and anything
    between that.

    I find it difficult to comprehend that everyone supposedly
    loves Moove but most of the behaviour shows something quite different. It is almost as if they want Moove to die, isnt
    it about time everyone did what they could to help?

    The Kingdom of Light, are doing their utmost to bring harmony
    to a drama ridden environment but totally ignoring drama. It
    is the only way, to encourage creativity and friendship, to
    encourage those who can help, to help. We need people to rally
    to our banner, even if they dont become part of KOL, everyone
    needs to work towards bringing Moove to its former glory.


  15. Roomancer Interface,
    The program yu are running providing a 3D House,
    Actresses/Actors, Rooms, 3D Tools and Resources,
    It is like a Jaguar car: a Collection Car!
    It is extremely powerful, and a bit tricky...

    Yu would not let local Joe's garage guys put their hands
    into yur Jaguar, would yu? The same with yur Roomancer!

    Roomancer needs to be fine tweeked to the perfection,
    intricately adjusted to the Owner/User,
    and to the internet connection it is working with.

    Roomancer is so advanced, even nowadays,
    The next step is Virtual Holograms!

    The best advice I can say is,
    Take yur time and learn what exactly is Roomancer,
    What "buttons" are there and what are they doing,
    The 3D Tools and Resources that are available to yu,
    as if yu had just bought yurself a Jaguar car!

    With time, yu will "feel it" running,
    and yu will be able to detect what needs to be adjusted.

    When Roomancer is running perfectly,
    It is fascinating, flexible, and very powerful!
    An awesome interface!


  16. + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +


    Friends, Buddies, Long-Time Members,
    Free Gold Membership available (18+ only)!
    Send the Nickname to: xMariannax

    + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

  17. I would just like to thank KOL for holding such a well
    organized event 'The Fashion Show', it was fun participating,
    the posts look amazing with some amazing participants, it is
    not the winning that is important but being part of it, and
    we didnt go empty handed either, which is a first from what
    I can see. Thanks to all who worked so hard. All the very best
    for future events, I will look forward to the next. Thanks


    1. Thank you for your encouraging compliments!
      For a long time, many Ladies Moove Members asked for this.
      You are very welcome!

  18. Cinderella and the Lost shoe

    Oh happiness ....
    I will put a red lipstick ....
    And a black eyeliner to highlight my eyes ...
    I will make the color my cheeks blushy like a rose ...
    And style my hair in a way more beautiful than before ...
    Take me in your arms and hug me
    Continue to kiss me until I close my eyes
    I want you only to acknowlege my feelings..
    Does Cinderella still with the prince ?
    Or did he threw her into oblivion?
    Is that beauty still sleeping in the snow ? ..
    Days passes by the time and her beauty is fading..
    Before , she was the most beautiful woman in the world ...
    when she left ... it was silently
    When she discovered
    That time .. is not her time
    And that place .. is not where she's supposed to be..
    And things around her .. are no longer like her
    And the cities of her dreams .. no longer accommodate her
    Then .. she will didn't hesitate
    She left without a voice .. And when she left
    She didn't waste her time .. In the search of her shoe
    That will make her prince stay ..
    For the selection of words of love .. Or apology .. Or farewell
    All the words .. That generate a parting moment!!
    It is just failed attempts to deny ...
    that she lost her prince forever ...
    This is my story for this evening ..
    I'm Cinderella , sensitive , kind hearted , sleeping in my imaginary castle ..
    dreaming for a beautiful day to come ... a sunny day ..
    Hoping to wake up someday on a kiss of her lost prince..
    No matter what , she will not wake up ..
    Untill he come back and save her...
    Her love ....

    ( Lovalove33 )

    1. Thank you, Lova!
      Your texts are very special and touching...
      Why not consider writing for the Magazine?

    2. Thank you ! I'll try my best to write some more poems or stories .

    3. ¤¤Good Morning¤¤

      I'm wondering , what's the secret of this morning ?
      When it's comes ringing with light songs and the horizon rise with flow
      The secret is in the sky of purity wearing the color of the sea ?
      Or in birds spreading happiness upon us ?
      What's the secret , my happy morining tell me ?
      From wich dream you dressed me this wing ?
      The darkness of the night is evacuated
      Tell for God's sake , how did you heal from these wounds ?
      You're just like the rain in his happiness...
      On desert earth you feared the farmer clouds...
      You're love ... and passion
      I keep repeating in wonder .. Oh morning ! Oh morning !

      ¤¤ LovaLove333 ¤¤

    4. How nice Lova,
      thank you for sharing your beautiful poem :)
      I love reading poetry, it can be so expressive
      of ones thoughts and feelings. and very theraputic! :)



  19. love story

    Hi grils
    This is a love story that u will never forget...
    He met her on a party. She was so outstanding, many guys chasing after her
    while he was so normal, nobody paid attention to him. At the end of the
    party, he invited her to have coffee with him, she was surprised, but
    due to
    being polite, she promised.
    They sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything, she
    uncomfortable, she thought, please, let me go home.. suddenly he asked
    waiter: "would you please give me some salt? I'd like to put it in my
    Everybody stared at him, so strange! His face turned red, but, still,
    he put
    the salt in his coffee and drank it. She asked him curiously: why you
    this hobby?
    He replied: "when I was a little boy, I was living near the sea,
    I liked playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea , just
    the taste of the salty coffee. Now every time I have the salty coffee,
    always think of my childhood, think of my hometown, I miss my hometown
    much, I miss my parents who are still living there". While saying that
    tears filled his eyes. She was deeply touched.
    That's his true feeling, from the bottom of his heart. A man who can
    out his homesickness, he must be a man who loves home, cares about
    home, has
    responsibility of home.. Then she also started to speak, spoke about
    faraway hometown, her childhood, her family. That was a really nice
    also a beautiful beginning of their story.
    They continued to date. She found that actually he was a man who meets
    her demands; he had tolerance, was kind hearted, warm, careful. He was
    a good person but she almost missed him! Thanks to his salty coffee!
    the story was just like every beautiful love story, the princess
    married to
    the prince, then they were living the happy life... And, every time she
    coffee for him, she put some salt in the coffee, as she knew that's the
    he liked it.
    After 40 years, he passed away, left her a letter which said: "My
    please forgive me, forgive my whole life lie. This was the only lie I
    to you---the salty coffee. Remember the first time we dated? I was so
    nervous at that time, actually I wanted some sugar, but I said salt It
    hard for me to change so I just went ahead. I never thought that could
    the start of our communication!
    I tried to tell you the truth many times in my life, but I was too
    afraid to
    do that, as I have promised not to lie to you for anything.. Now I'm
    I afraid of nothing so I tell you the truth: I don't like the salty
    what a strange bad taste.. But I have had the salty coffee for my whole
    life! Since I knew you, I never feel sorry for anything I do for you.
    you with me is my biggest happiness for my whole life. If I can live
    for the
    second time, still want to know you and have you for my whole life,
    though I have to drink the salty coffee again".
    Her tears made the letter totally wet.
    Someday, someone asked her: what's the taste of salty coffee?
    It's sweet. She replied.
    Pass this 2 everyone coz
    love is not 2 forget
    but 2 forgive
    not 2 c but understand
    not 2 hear but 2 listen
    not 2 let go but HOLD ON !!!!
    Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear.
    "The glory of Success is in bouncing high every time you
    hit the bottom!!"
    “Love is not selfish so Love is not being happy it is to make happy whom you love even if you are unhappy with it.” LovaLove333


    1. Indeed, what a touching text! (Love Story)
      Makes one focus on the essential things
      (as told by "The Little Prince", A. St-Exupery)...

      Everybody is different in nature,
      because Diversity is what makes Life thrive!

  20. beautyful text"!
    praise this board for such poems!

  21. Again, I wish to take a minute
    And express my Sincere Welcome
    To all Long-Time Members who are coming back,
    And to all Real Newcomers who are arriving!

    "Moove must thrive on its own" (Lothar, Belle, Kozzan),
    Free Gold Membership without discrimination
    Is indeed increasing very significantly
    The number of 3D Houses in Moove!

    Being Part Of Moove (Membership) Is No Priviledge,
    It Is A Wonderful Opportunity Available To Everybody!

    Everybody must contribute
    At setting up a welcoming atmosphere
    With Fraternity, and Brotherhood.


    Next Statistics on Moove: September, 2013
    Published on the page: Statistics.
    (Monitored by reputed third party).

    The Kingdom-Of-Light.

  22. The Spirit of MOOVE!!

    Moove spirit has been enlivened with an injection of new blood. We not only have new members, but old time members are arriving back home. This is very significant because we need old timers to help Moove thrive, to be what it once was. We all need to pull together, to help orientate real newbies, to show them how amazing Moove can be, because it can, with our nurturing. We all have to do our part to bring this about, so please do help others, do refer them onto others if you are not able to help. Dont let newbies wonder around not knowing how to cope, if this happens they wont stay.

    They need to be empowered with the basic knowledge we, those of use who are proficitiant with Moove and who take it for granted. Moove is not like other 3D virtual worlds, its quite unique because it puts the control of your roomancer in your hands. So do help newbies, and old timers alike, who have forgotten some of the basics....



  23. You have the right to cancel any story not be as good this is my first experience I like simple and honest sense Thank you be the best in the future .Wish you grace and success.

    1. All posts that are Positive, Readable,
      Constructive and Interesting are published.


  24. NOTE:
    The Post begining with:
    "yes Magnanimity Each Person His Mistakes We Here Friends Chat We do (...)",

    It doesn't make sense.
    Please, translate each line one by one (not the entire text all together),
    Post again and, once readable, it will be enabled.


  25. Dancer dreams The middle of the night guitarist began playing music in a room of his house devoid of any furniture, making it an ideal sound environment. The room lights were not lit. After playing for a short while wince instrumentalist to the voice came from the window overlooking the garden, where the branches of fruit trees to scratch the window. Instrumentalist stopped playing and open window are spacious, but did not see anything unusual. Recoil to his chair and resumed playing the harp leaving the window legislator. And suddenly saw a young lady go out the window. She was wearing a white transparent dress and her face was so beautiful. Nodded his lady to continue playing while I took dancing to the beat of the music. Instrumentalist felt in the presence of an extraordinary object, and continued to play while dancing Ms. erotic dance. Led dance sexy in her dance movements, and instrumentalist heard a voice seemed to be the voice of rain. The full moon threw its light on the exciting body of a dancer, which lasted hours in her dance, as if it floats in the space of the room even Nam instrumentalist of fatigue. When he woke up at dawn found that the dancer disappeared.In his view outside the window, the musician noted that green trees blossomed flowers and wonderful scent in the deferral, while birds sing waxing eloquently on the tree.

    1. Very nice text! Pleasant, sweet, and romantic;
      Dancer Dream or Lady Spring? (...)

      When you translate,
      Ask someone who speaks English to verify your text (translation).
      Because, several words do not make sense in the text
      (legislator, object [a lady is not an object], Nam, waxing).

  26. From the heart.
    People who do lots of work...
    Make lots of mistakes
    People who do less work...
    Make less mistakes
    People who do no work...
    اMake no mistakes
    People who make no mistakes...
    Gets promoted
    That's why I spend most of my time
    Sending e-mails & playing games at work , I need a
    People live
    People die
    People laugh
    People cry
    Some give up
    Some still try
    Some say hi
    While some say bye
    Others may forget you
    but never will. I
    What is true love
    I want to ask about true love. What is true love among relations which is not found in the humans of today’s world? There are no true emotions in the hearts of anyone, but I am not one of them. I search the reality of relations.:)

  27. Fragrance speech .
    There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge
    things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look
    at a pear tree that was a grea
    The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer, and the youngest son in the fall.
    t distance away.
    When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they
    The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted.
    The second son said no it was covered with green buds and full of promThe third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms ise. had see
    that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most n.graceful thing hThe last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and e had ever seen.
    drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment.
    The man then explained to his sons that they were all right,
    because they had each seen but only one season in the tree's life.
    He told them that you cannot judge a tree, or a person, by only one season and that the essence of who they are and the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be measured at the end, If you give up when it's winter, you will miss the promisespring the beauty of your summer, the fulfillment of your fall. of your when all
    the seasons are up.

    1. Well I had to read this several times, it appears there are some words missing but anyway I understood the message it was trying to put across, and it is of course very true!!!

      One cannot judge a book by its cover, for within the cover can be the most amazing literature or art, the most funny of stories or the saddest you have ever heard.

      So if you come across a badly cared for volume, open it and see what unfolds and cheers your mind, and see what information can help you enhance your understanding of everything around you. For this delapidated volume might hold that very key to answers locked away.


  28. Agile: Agile:
    Body language can be exploited to positively affect others.
    Mood always contagious and reflects the others and your actions and your behavior to help enforce good mood.
    Breathing slowly and quietly in the presence of others will greatly help to spread peace and make others feel relaxed.
    The brain can always be used to control the body.
    If you want to get a Share Digg this Thread from others, you have to copy the gestures and compatible with his body language.
    Inexperience and trained on the language of your body in front of the mirror.
    The body erect and sports helps a lot to sent any non-verbal messages you want to send.

  29. Absolutely!
    Body language is a very significant part (75%)
    Of Communication/Communicating...

    And in this matter,
    In Moove, the use of Postures is essential, although a bit tricky,
    and Moove Postures is so elaborate and flexible (editing),
    There is no match!

    By the way, month of July in the Kingdom Calendar
    (Page: Group Membership)
    is the Month of Movement (posutres...)!

  30. Postures in Moove.....

    Yessssss postures is the 'body language' of our Moove characters,
    and postures are not so difficult to work with, just takes a little practice but you know what they say, practic makes perfect right?

    So open up your posture editor and play around with it, its the best way to learn...dont be afraid to play with it either, but it can and does make all the difference, from sitting poses to kissing ones...hugging too and of course other more intimate poses you can customize to your particular actor/actress and couple too.....its is so much nicer because it makes all the difference........if anyone needs any help specifically with postures arrange a meeting and i can help you with your posture editor....there are some basic rules for working with postures, especially if you are creating them, for instance, before using any postures as a couple, you need to auto hug!! or the postures wont be in sinq....just basic stuff like that you need to be aware of...anyway contact me if you want a personalized lesson on posture creation.........

    many thanks

  31. Hello fellow Moovers,

    I have been observing Moove for some while now, and it pains me to see all the discourse and back biting on the board. In past times people have used the boards for such things and it is never good to do these things in public. People are not interested in squabbles like I have seen lately.

    Seems to me the Kingdom of Light is doing Moove a great favour, and checking through the statistics published to date, they have turned Moove around, from a ghost town inhabited by those who think they 'own' moove, to having new people who are enthusiastic about Moove, so why, spoil it for them with ranting and bashing on people on the message boards. Surely speaking to the person either in their 3D home and working it through is the better option? Or even in the Moove mail service! There really is no need to publisize details that are really no one elses business anyway.

    I cannot be in my 3D house for now as I am far too busy with work, but I do log in from work from time to time, hoping to lend support to any who need it, I am more than happy to answer questions about Roomancer. I am a long time member who is very proficient in the use of Roomancer, so any newbies/newly arrived back old timers reading this feel free to message me in world and I will be in touch as soon as I can.

    So now enjoy your Moove experience and forget about squabbling, about trying to cause havoc amongst others, about trying to get the upper hand, its just so childish. Lets see if we can get Moove back to the good old days, where numbers topped well over 1500, yes amazingly when I was in Moove thats the total numbers who used to be in Moove. Seeing numbers rising now is most heartening and I wish the Kingdom of Light every success in their endeavours, they certainly have my backing.


    1. Thanx, Kiaraa!
      Yu're a wealth of information on Moove, its history and evolution...
      That's how Long-Time Members are the backbone to Moove!

      Yes, the Kingdom has done a lot so far,
      Particularly bringing new arrivants down on the terrain
      (Free Gold Membership/Roomancer//3D House),
      Newcomers and long-time members...

      A lot is being set up at this moment (Forum, Items/Designer, Blog),
      And even more is yet to come!

      However, Moove is the Community itself,
      And therefore the Community must do its part
      For creating a pleasant and agreable virtual environment.
      So they decide to stay and establish themselves!

      Either by welcoming arrivants, by guiding them and explaining,
      or presenting interesting Clubs, Places, and Activities...
      Everyone has something good to bring into Moove,

      Moove Is Yours (the Community); Make It Shine!

    2. Thank you, it is very heartening to see people who truly cares about Moove and where it is heading, I will do anything within my power to assist, please dont hesitate to ask, as I said I am rather limited with time but I can utilize that time to good advantage when I am there in Moove, even if I am in pinkmode.

      take care :)

  32. + + + + + + + + + + +
    The Kingdom-Of-Light
    Is welcoming between 4 and 8 Members every day!
    (3D Houses, Long-Time and Newcomer).

    Everything is functionning!

    Everybody must come together and participate!
    Help Moove become a better place to live in!

    Come together, and create a friendly environment!

    Moove is in the hands of its Community!

    If Moove is hell or paradise,
    It is the result of everybody's behaviour in general.


    + + + + + + + + + + +
    The Kingdom-Of-Light
    Jeden Tag begrüßen wir 4 bis 8 Mitgliedern
    (Lange Zeit Mitglieder kommen zurück und Neue Mitglieder).

    Alles ist functionning!

    Jeder muss zusammen kommen und mitmachen!
    Hilfe Moove ein besserer Ort zum Leben!

    Zusammen kommen, und schaffen eine freundliche Umwelt!

    Moove ist in den Händen der Gemeinschaft!

    Wenn Moove ist die Hölle oder das Paradies,
    Es ist das Ergebnis von jedem Verhalten im Allgemeinen.


  33. MINORS

    It has come to my attention that minors are contacting adults, I implore you all not to take these as buddies because you all open yourselves up to very serious allegations of child molestation.

    It is important to keep the segragation of minors intact, therefore do not buddy or team them if they request it.

    Whether there is a glitch or not I am not too sure at this stage but regardless one needs to be careful not to play into this.

    Since Moove does have sexual content ie ppl displaying sexual pictures which I might add contraviens the TOS (check you will see) and minors should not be subjected to this at all. Also there are sexual postures available, and these are not appropriate for minors either. As well as sexually inciting outfits....thanks for your time and please leave any comments you might have about this subject.


    1. Thank you very much, Kiaraa!

      You are Long Time Member in Moove, certified Designer,
      and reputed an examplary person: Yur words are always eloquent!

      The Kingdom-Of-Light stands strongly and firmly against
      any implication of Minors (below 18) into the Adult side.

      Initially, Moove was designed as "Familly Convivial",
      Moove T.O.S. (Terms Of Services) does reflect that intention.
      The Community must be more vigilant and responsible!

      Waiting for Lothar is like waiting for Santa Claus.
      They will find Jimmy Hoffa before Lothar intervenes into Moove Community.

      Moove Members ought to wake up,
      And take matters into their own hands.


  34. + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + +

    - Moove Community -

    Since (2010) Moove Online is in the hands of the community itself,
    And consequently, many changes are inherently brought forward,
    The Society (Moove Community) requires time to adapt.

    Moove Community is Independent and Autonomous.

    These changes are including Important Responsibilities!

    The COMMUNITY; all Moove Members,
    They have means, resources, and tools for managing "Moove Society",
    and to enforce the Principles on which Moove was established.

    These Principles are detailed on Moove T.O.S.

    Each Moove Member has Rights and Responsibilities:
    (Terms Of Service):

    - Obligation,
    - Harmful Conduct,
    - Copyright,
    - Impersonation,

    - Child protection paragraph.

    The Premium is a special status,
    Members who are *Premium* have additional Responsibility in Moove:

    Premium Package paragraph:

    Child protection paragraph:

    "Premium owners oblige to only post pictures and texts
    that do not violate the moove Terms Of Service
    and the moove child protection paragraph.".

    Means and tools for managing "Moove Society":
    There are instruments, procedures, and methods, which every Member can use
    to enforce the Principles on which Moove was established.

    - Respect and apply the Principles described in Moove T.O.S.
    - Promote the Principles described in Moove T.O.S.
    - Support other Members in enforcing the Principles described in Moove T.O.S
    - Premium Members must read the nickpage (age) before allowing a picture,

    Everybody must come together and participate!
    Help Moove become a better place to live in!

    Moove Is Our World!

    All together, we must invest our pride
    in making Moove a pleasant and welcoming virtual place!

    - For additional information, Guidelines, and support,
    Communicate with:

    -> Tassja (Deutsch)
    -> xMariannax (English)

    In the spirit of Brotherhood,


  35. Minors/Adults

    Ok a mention about this within Moove.
    The question of minors gaining access to the adult section is a bit of a worry, we all have to be vigilant and encourage those minors to either veryify their ages or to re-register with the right age. The adult section is most certainly NOT where anyone 18yrs old and under should be.

    We all know there is sexual content within the adult section, with postures, and graphic pics on peoples walls within their homes, which I might add contravens Mooves TOS anyway because it is classed as pornography, and you cant get away from that no matter how you look upon it.

    So please. we all need to caring of any minors we might come across and encourage them to delete their accounts and re-register in the minor section.

    If anyone is in any doubt please send me a message with the url to the nick page and I will check it out and send any necessary messages and report if necessary to Mooves Service Authority. At least we will have done our part in the quest to keep minors as safe as possible.

    Equally if anyone hears of anything going on that shouldnt be, please let me know so we are able to investigate this further.

    It is certainly up to us as community members in the absence of the owner to care for our own community, we all need to work together in this, it is imperative that we do. We all need to be responsible adults.


  36. Ok eine Erwähnung über dieses innerhalb Moove.
    Die Frage von Minderjährigen den Zugang zu den
    Erwachsenen Abschnitt ist ein bisschen eine Sorge,
    wir alle müssen wachsam sein und ermutigen diese
    Minderjährigen entweder veryify ihres Alters oder
    mit dem richtigen Alter erneut registrieren.
    Die erwachsenen Abschnitt ist sicherlich nicht dort,
    wo jemand 18yrs alt und unter sein sollte.

    Wir alle wissen, dass es sexuelle Inhalte innerhalb
    der erwachsenen Abschnitt, mit Haltungen und Grafik
    Bilder auf Wände Völker innerhalb ihrer Häuser,
    die ich contravens mooves TOS hinzufügen könnte
    sowieso, weil es als Pornografie eingestuft wird,
    und man kann nicht entfliehen, dass egal wie Sie
    freuen sich darauf.

    Also bitte. wir alle brauchen, um die Betreuung
    aller Kinder und Jugendlichen stoßen wir auf und
    sie ermutigen, ihre Konten zu löschen und in den
    kleineren Abschnitt erneut registrieren könnte.

    Wenn jemand im Zweifelsfall bitte senden Sie mir
    eine Nachricht mit der URL der Seite nick und ich
    werde es auschecken und senden Sie die erforderlichen
    Meldungen und Bericht sowie gegebenenfalls zu
    mooves Service Authority. Zumindest werden wir
    unseren Teil bei der Suche nach Minderjährigen so
    sicher wie möglich zu halten getan.

    Ebenso, wenn jemand von etwas los, das sollte nicht
    hört, lasst es mich bitte wissen, damit wir in der
    Lage sind, diese weiter zu untersuchen.

    Es ist für uns als Mitglieder der Gemeinschaft,
    in der Abwesenheit der Eigentümer, um für unsere
    eigene Gemeinde kümmern, wir alle müssen
    zusammenarbeiten, in diesem, ist es unerlässlich,
    dass wir es tun. Wir alle müssen die verantwortlichen
    Erwachsenen sein.


  37. + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + +

    The Kingdom-Of-Light is fully committed
    to maintain a friendly and hospitable environment
    for the majority of our Moove members.

    Moove T.O.S. (Terms Of Services),

    TOS (General):


    Child protection paragraph.

    *Premium* Paragraph:

    As adopted in Assembly (Kingdom-Of-Light);

    Item #14
    -> General Policy:
    General Policy; Minors
    - The Kingdom-Of-Light (Members)
    will be reporting to Law Enforcement Authorities
    Nickname/Nickpage that is portraying itself
    as a Minor (below 18yo) attempting to contact Adult Members.

    - The Kingdom-Of-Light (Members)
    will be reporting to Law Enforcement Authorities
    Adult in contact with a Nickname/User
    whom is portraying itself as a Minor (below 18yo).

    * Law Enforcement Authorities
    will be transfering the case/user to authorities in the related country.


    Item #15
    -> Policy toward Minors

    Moove T.O.S.:
    Moove Members guarantee that they will:

    - Only link to websites that are suitable for minors.
    Not include any material on your personal profile page
    that is objectionable in any way and endangers the safety of minors.

    - Only use actors that will not endanger minors
    (If the room is set "Open to all").

    - Refrain from actions in your room
    (interactions, passing on information) that could endanger minors
    (If the room is set "Open to all").

    - Only show pictures, material and websites in your room
    that are suitable for minors (If the room is set "Open to all").

    If a Moove Member violates the Terms of Service,
    The Kingdom-Of-Light will bring the case
    and the Nickname before Law Enforcement Representatives.

    * Law Enforcement Authorities
    will be transfering the case/user to authorities in the related country.


  38. + + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + + +

    Die Kingdom-Of-Light ist fest entschlossen,
    eine freundliche und gastfreundliche Umgebung
    für die Mehrheit unserer Mitglieder Moove halten.

    Bezogen auf:
    Nutzungsbedingungen (Terms Of Service):


    Nutzungsbestimmungen für das Premium Paket:

    Wie in Assembly (Kingdom-Of-Light) angenommen;
    Artikel # 14:
    -> Allgemein-Politik:

    Allgemeine Politik; Minderjährige
    - Die Kingdom-Of-Light (Mitglieder)
    Wir werden den Strafverfolgungsbehörden berichten
    Spitzname/Spitznameseite die Darstellung selbst als Minor (unten 18),
    und der Versuch, kontaktieren Erwachsenen Mitglieder.

    - Die Kingdom-Of-Light (Mitglieder)
    Wir werden den Strafverfolgungsbehörden berichten
    Erwachsene in Kontakt mit einem Spitzname/Mitglied
    wen ist porträtiert sich als Minor (unten 18yo).

    * Strafverfolgungsbehörden
    Sie werden den Fall Übertragung/Mitglied
    die Behörden in den verwandten Land.


    Artikel #15
    -> Policy toward Minors

    Moove Nutzungsbedingungen:
    Ich verpflichte mich:

    - Bei der Teilnahme an interaktiven Diensten auf kulturelle,
    religiöse Belange und auf Persönlichkeitsrechte
    anderer Teilnehmer Rücksicht zu nehmen. (...)

    - Von persönlichen Nickpages nur auf Webseiten zu linken,
    die für Jugendliche und Kinder geeignet sind,

    - Keinerlei Informationen in den für alle sichtbaren
    Teil der persönlichen Nickpage aufzunehmen,
    welche gegen den guten Geschmack verstoßen,
    in irgendeiner Form anstößig sind,
    noch dem Jugendschutz nicht gerecht werden,

    - Nur Akteure zu benutzen, die jugendfrei sind,

    - Handlungen (Interaktionen, Informationsweitergabe,
    Mail-Versand, Instant-Messaging etc.) zu unterlassen,
    die dem Jugendschutz widersprechen.

    Wenn ein Moove Mitglied gegen die Moove Nutzungsbedingungen,
    Wir werden den Strafverfolgungsbehörden berichten

    * Strafverfolgungsbehörden
    Sie werden den Fall Übertragung/Mitglied
    die Behörden in den verwandten Land.



    Ahh lets see here, privacy and safety. If you find yourself being
    harassed dont lose heart, step back and think about it for a moment.

    Firstly, not all is lost, and there is no need for you to put up with it for one more moment than is necessary.

    Roomancer has some very powerful tools, namely;


    If you happen to have several rooms on your house page list, not all is lost, just lock them up or have them on Ask me.

    Only have the room open you are receiving guests open. Keep the facility to drop files checked, you can always uncheck it if anyone wants to give you or another guest any files. This way you are the one in control, you are the owner of your own domain. No one has the right to force you to be or do anything you dont want to be involved in. You are entitled to your privacy, and if people think they can bully or cajoule you they need to think again.

    Once you have all those things in place, and if you come across offensive behaviour you dont want in your place then just put those guys on IGNORE, dont even hesitate, because if they can interfer with your Moove experience, if they think they can control your time on Moove they need to be relegated to oblivion.

    So, be safe...and if anyone needs advice please dont hesitate to ask....dont suffer in silence, there is always a way to put those undesirables away in their own little dungeon.

    all the best

  40. + + + + + + + +
    + + + + + + + +

    Kingdom-Of-Light Report (September, 2013):
    State of The Present Situation (Moove Community)

    1- Latest Statistics are published,
    on the page: Statistics.

    2- State of The Present Situation is published
    on the page: Group Brotherhood.

    The Kingdom-Of-Light.

  41. + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    PLEASE > BE CAREFUL (Buddying/Teaming):
    There Is A Group Involving Minors
    Seeking Contact With Adults!
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    + + + + + + + + + + +
    Aus aktuellen Gründen machen wir darauf aufmerksam
    Seien Sie bitte vorsichtig (Buddying/Teaming)
    Es gibt eine Gruppe beteiligen mit Minderjährigen
    Ich suche Kontakt mit Erwachsenen!
    Sie lesen nick seiten sorgfältig
    + + + + + + + + + + +

    All "members" to the Group *Vom Olymp"
    Are the same 2 individuals using Alt-Nicknames,
    One Located in Washignton, USA,
    One Located in Birmingham, Alabama, USA,

    They created several Alt-Nicknames pretending to be Minors,
    And they are luring Adults into having contact with these,

    Displaying several Nicknames as Minors is susceptible to attract pedophiles!

    Which is contravening with International Laws (Child Protection),
    and contravening with Local Country's Laws,
    and contravening with Moove Terms Of Service

    The Real Problem is:
    They are spreading that in Moove (Pedophilia),
    And one day a Parent will make a Formal Complain
    to the Law enforcement (local Police or F.B.I.),
    And that will force Lothar to shut down Moove!

    If you care about Moove Community:
    Do Take The Matter Into Your Own Hands!

    The Kingdom-Of-Light.

  42. + + + + + + + + + +
    The Kingdom-Of-Light
    is welcoming between 4 and 8 Members every day!
    The Community Must Come together,
    And create a friendly environment!
    If Moove is hell or paradise,
    It is the result of everybody's behaviour in general.
    = = = = = = = = = = =
    The Kingdom-Of-Light
    Jeden Tag begrüßen wir 4 bis 8 Mitgliedern!
    Zusammen kommen,
    Und schaffen eine freundliche Umwelt!
    Wenn Moove ist die Hölle oder das Paradies,
    Es ist das Ergebnis von jedem Verhalten im Allgemeinen.
    + + + + + + + + + +

  43. = = = = = = N E W = = = = = =
    = = = NOW AVAILABLE = = =

    = = = MOOVOPOLY Facility = = =

    Play Moovopoly (Free) and gain C$!
    Featured on Wednesdays: from 9pm GMT
    (Every two (2) Wednesdays)
    Also openned on demand for 3+ members,
    Accessible from RoomPage: xMariannax

  44. * POEM *

    A Woman's Heart For those of the male counter part,
    Who often say a woman has no heart.

    I tell you this the love of my life,
    A woman has the ache of the heart.
    To lie, deceive and conspire,
    Only gives a woman time to ponder.

    If you are the man you say you are,
    Gives a woman good reason to wonder.

    I suppose the answer to your question,
    "Does the female race have a heart that is true?,
    Is the same answer to the question we wonder?
    "Can a man be completely faithful with love that is renew?"
    When a ladies age come to her with the age of time,

    Yes gentlemen, women indeed have a heart.
    Silver hair tinted in auburn strands with years touched skin,
    Lives torn from her separated by death, alone and apart,

    Do women have a heart?
    Oh yes, we truly do.
    We love deeply and truly.
    You men may not know this but it is all for You.

    2013 © StoneArborPoetry INC.

  45. + + + WILLKOMMEN + + +
    Königreich-Des-Light Kollaborateur!

    Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung,
    Aufrichtige Grüße,

  46. I am becoming increasingly concerned with the amounts of alts there are in Moove. It really does not make any sense to me to be operating so many different characters.

    I can understand it on other 3D worlds that are 'game' based, because each character has different attributes etc but here in Moove it is not like that.

    Why not just invest the time ya'll have and stay with one main character? Think about the reasons why you use an alt, mostly, from what I can see and what I have experienced, those using alts have something to hide. Why? because they are mostly up to mischief using them! Years ago people used to use alts for catching their boyfriends/lovers/husbands out with other characters, well that isnt right but its more acceptable, it is in a way more 'normal'. What I see these days isnt normal activity, creating alt after alt, using them to gain access into places they are obviously not welcome, and if the ip is on ignore they dont have a hope to gain access anyway.

    If you have a fantasy that involves other characters, great, keep them to yourself, dont involve other members of Moove within that and cause pain and hurt to others, finding out the 'person' you fell in love with isnt a woman or man, is so hurful and degrading, and why do it? If thats your fantasy, great keep it amongst your own crowd, who know who and what you are, but to involve innocent people into that is really out of order. It is actually immoral, clandestine, cheating, mischievios and its lies.....

    Thing is, people never stop to think about the implications of their actions, often its for their own gratification they are interested in and dont worry about who they are hurting, but perhaps its about time they did, and stop being fools and idiots to imagine that they can get away with it.....

    I dont mean to offend anyone, but the truth is the truth, alts can only be taken as someone who is out to cause havoc and mayhem until proven innocent.....


  47. = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =
    - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = -

    Roomancer/Moove Forefathers
    have provided several Tools for Privacy:

    - Keep your doors closed;
    Click on the button "House",
    Click on the small arrow to the right of the Room Name,
    Set up the Properties for that Room.

    - Adjust your Team-Limit;
    On Community Page, Scroll down, click on TEAM,
    On the page Team, scroll down, click on Team Limit,
    Set your Team Limit to the lowest number.
    (you will get a message when a member tries to Team you)

    - Adjust your setting for not displaying your wherabouts;
    On Community Page, scroll down, click on "Profile and Privacy",
    Scroll down to "Show Activity", Uncheck the box.
    (so your activities are NOT revealed by Community Server Notification,
    and the member you are visiting will NOT be shown on your nickpage).

    - Ask reputed Genuine Long-Time members
    about other members you do not know.

    - Read the Nickpage before allowing "Buddy";
    Pay attention to House-name, Age, Interests & Portrayal,
    How long a member and Number of log ins
    (active members log in 20/30 times per month).

    - Get rid of trouble-makers (griefers);
    Right-click on a Visitor, select "Dismiss".

    - Do not respond to bullying (in messages or on Boards);
    All they want is to engage into feed backs.

    - Put an end to nuisance (harassments and annoyances);
    Go on the member's Nickpage, press the blue button "Ignore".
    (remove "buddy" for that Button to appear)
    Members on Ignore cannot visit, and cannot send message.

    3D Virtual environment must provide positive interactions.
    Your Roomancer-House is just the same as your real home.

    - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = -
    = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - =

  48. iv been had many times by these guys, i never cld figure how & why, now i can..., what you doing is good.

    1. Hi, well yes, I am sure that you would have prefered to have known, wouldnt you? Or at least to have been aware it was a possibility, so many have not been aware, and like you have been had, and I am sorry that happened to you...but do tell others, any newbies you come across, so they are aware from the onset of their time in Moove....ppl need to be aware!! Thanks for taking the time to post...

      Marianna :)

  49. Moove boards...

    Well well, what a blessing, the boards have been blocked, even tho this individual is in effect holding the Moove Community to ransom by his vandelous act of blocking them, its actually a blessing he has done this....ever heard of freedom of speach, and quite frankly, any posts that were put there, informing members of anything is necessary, but its ok if they are prattling on about their stuff, as soon as they see 'truth' there they dont like it, well guys, if you didnt behave like spoilt bratts we wouldnt need to inform the Community of your activities....go figure!!

    Marianna :)

  50. huhuuuuu ..
    The Moove-Board rest in peace ... hihiiiiii
    we do not have to read the ugly postings
    anymore .. :-))
    thank god

  51. ups .. it was me ... öhm

  52. > Production Initiatives <

    This Virtual Community shall begin seriously evaluating
    its needs to support, or to expand the actual initiative and pioneer assets.

    One Well equiped Community will rise and attract more members.
    Its level of creativity and originality ensures activity of all members
    who are interested in collaboration.
    Friends will bring more friends,
    and the "online colony" will expand.

    > Events & Happenings Production Planning initiatives (as Loki is doing),
    creating and managing events that are presented to the community,
    is essential for encouraging creativity, and members activity!
    Contests, Challenges, Parties, Riddles & Charades,
    Quests and Tournaments...

    Sponsoring those is one of our priorities!

    A Strong Virtual Community does seek to better its situation,
    to find more creative members, to gather resources,
    and to promote improvements.

    Do Bring Your Portion, Because You Are Part Of It !


  53. lololo
    the only one who needed those boards are those 3, sheza,bb,cuff lolol....
    they shot themself down lolol.....
    now moove got rid of their bashing lolol....
    good job

    1. Yes you are so right, they like to see their print obviously, pity they vomit with it though, they never have a good word to say anyway, just as well they shot themselves in their own feet. good job indeed!!


  54. he changed his post blocking so in fact they re holding them boards only to them for bashing and others cant its moovealqaida :/

    1. Hmm yes well terrorists rather fits the bill doesnt it, those who hold the whole community to ransom, its a rather low act, specially since they dont like the fact they've had their alts revealed, thing is it doesnt matter if ppl have alts, but it does if they use them for the goings on of deception and lord knows what else!!!


  55. - FUNNY QUIZ -

    Since the Clowns have shot themselves in their own feets:
    How long do you think they will keep the Boards closed?
    (and preventing themselves from bashing)

    The winner (closest delay) gets 10 Million C$

    Lustiges Quiz

    Es scheint so als ob die Clowns ein Eigentor geschossen haben:
    Was denkt ihr wie lange die das Board geschlossen halten?
    (und sich selber gesperrt halten)

    Der Gewinner (die Tagesangabe welche am nächsten ist)
    gewinnt 10 Millionen C$

    best regarts
    Liebe Grüße

    1. I dont know, if they open the boards they look like the fools they are, although they already look like fools anyway....but I will be generous and give a 2 week window........we will see Tassja lol :)

      marianna :)

  56. Here we go again, yet another ridiculous reason why the boards are blocked, dont you get it guys its a good thing the boards are blocked, lol everyone wanted the boards blocked because yall bash on everyone who posts, doesnt matter what the post is...how many times have we seen rat post detramental stuff just for the sake of posting, how many ppl has she bashed on, just for the sake of doing so, plus cuffnut posting his grandiose crap is just so laughable....enough guys, behave like adults for a change and be constructive, we all want moove to be a better place...dont go blaming others for your misdemeanours...cos they belong to you and no one else.......you all need a reality check!!!


  57. öhm ... marianna vermute ich richtig wenn ich sage dass das ding in einem
    badezimmer rumliegt? ... ggg

  58. Now, since there seems time to kick back and smell the roses anyone interested in a trivia quiz.....post your answers along with your nicknames and there is a prize of C$ for the first correct answer, good luck!!!

    I have holes in my top and bottom, my left and right, and in the middle. But I still hold water. What am I?


  59. Ja, Tassja got it (a bath foam)! Marianna did send her the prize (C$).

    1. Well done Tassja for getting the clue right, it was 'sponge' :)

      Marianna :)

  60. 1-
    In this Virtual Community,
    Most members are genuine and just living a quiet 3D Life! Roomancer allows to be with people they couldn't in real, and so they are enjoying being with their spouse, with their long-time friends...
    A simple virtual life!

    Those Clowns being so full of themselves, acting like complete jerks trying to find a purpose, they are a shame, pitiful, a total disgrace. It is absolutely deplorable those kids (26/27yo) are self-imbued to the point they are thinking they make any difference. Everybody ignores them, anyway.

    Them being mean, vile, vicious, and vulgar only shows how ignominious they are! And they don't even see it!

    Wisdom says:
    "Even an imbecile can be considered as a clever person,
    If she/he just shuts up his mouth".

  61. 2-
    Once again, we were right!
    On Wednesday; November 6, 2013 when wolFart-Troll blocked the Moove website boards (using *Anubisdark* Alt, with a source code bug), we knew that, as soon as Boards will be unblocked, they would spit their scum in a frenzy, splashing everywhere! Because the Buffons can't live without those Boards, they are griefers - Trolls - living by bashing/bullying. Even when nobody responds, they respond to their own bashing, using their many Alt-Nicknames, feeding themselves.

    During those 12 days, Moove website Boards were blocked, we did not receive any complain on that. Everybody was glad those Boards were calm, for once! We had many conversations about the Right to freedom of speach! we were considering very seriously removing all those Boards (with Lothar).

    On Tuesday; November 19, 2013,
    Lothar advised *Anubisdark* to Unblock Moove website Boards, and to abstain from blocking any Moove website Boards.

    Because those Trolls are still depriving the community their legitimate Right to freedom of speach, by spaming and floading those Moove website Boards with bashing, the decision was made to provide a New Moove Board, dedicated, independent, neutral, and moderated.

    The Nickpage Public-Board
    does provide legitimate Right to freedom of speach,
    on its Normal Board (featured Guestbook).

    There are very simple guidelines:
    - All community members can Post,
    - In full Respect of each other,
    - Every new entry has to be enabled (moderated).

    Save the Nickpage or its Guestbook in your Favorites!

    Do Bring Your Portion, Because You Are Part Of It!
    Sie Ihren Anteil zu bringen, Weil du ein Teil davon bist!

    "For evil to triumph, It is only necessary that good people do nothing".
    "Damit das Böse triumphiert, reicht fehlendes Handeln guter Leute".


  62. Another riddle.....winner gets a prize of C$100,000

    What goes around the world but stays in a corner?

    Marianna :)

  63. Know What Causes The Most Accidents In The ?USA ?
    Not cell phones....

    Not the radio.........

    Not the GPS monitor......

    Not talking.............

    Not texting..............

    Not watching a car video......

    Not changing a CD.......

    The most frequent causes of accidents in the ?USA are caused by===

    You guessed it!!!....
    Inappropriate footwear!!!!...

    tassja was here .. :-)

    1. LOL Tassja, yea that really doesnt surprise me.

      Marianna was here too :P lolol

  64. Well, soon everybody will have their own Board!
    Indeed, just like any City: 40 Newspapers for 20 households!


    This (bellow) is quite funny, and self-explanatory;

    It took us 1 year of hard work, each day and everyday,
    Utilizing several tools and profesional mediums
    at conducting extensive studies and analysis
    for understanding the real situation/context
    regarding this Virtual Community.

    And now, this out-of-nowhere forged-up Alt-Nickname:
    (Coinneach; registered on November 11, 2013),
    Who's not been logged in 60 minutes total,
    never been green, with not even 10 log ins,
    is pretending to:

    (Tue 12/10/13, 07:46 PM)
    - have enjoyed the sights and personalities
    of the moove community,
    - have views and observations,

    Is stating that:

    - insult[s] stated as opinion[s] and not fact[s] [her own typo]
    All threats and harassments are not condoned,

    And is hoping that:

    - "the community in general can enjoy my contribution".

    These Buffons are thinking that
    Moove Community is as stupid as they are!

    1- Coinneach is what we call a Borrowed-Nickname,
    It is utilized by many of them clowns
    (dakota-FreezePop is writing it's texts)

    2- Nobody cares about a Nickname who goes bashing
    (Thu 11/21/13, 06:54 PM, on the Event Board)
    before even having figured our Roomancer,

    3- Nobody cares about a Nickname who's sole purpose
    is to provide the Buffons a Lavatory (forum).

    This was all anthicipated (KOL text, on Home page),
    We see them coming from miles away...

    None of them have ever put together an ounce of "creativity",
    all they do is bluntly copy the Kingdom-Of-Light.
    We breath, and they sneeze!

    These Clowns bleet their protests at being caught out,
    they are so blatent, it's not so difficult to see!
    But, nobody has ever seen any of them complaining
    about shez-a-rat posting videos of bestiality and paedophilia!

    They've Just added one more pike into their own coffin.


    1. Yes well, those who throw stones must expect a few to come their way.
      It is totally ridiculous that a supposed member, who has been in Moove for
      a sum total, and not even that, of maybe 1 hour, can sum up the community. Well, we know this community, and it changes periodically, mainly because of the alts encompassed in their sordid deeds, and they harass other to the point of leaving.

      How is this right? How is this being caring of their community? It isnt, not in the least, the actual act of owning an alt is no problem, those who are genuine dont mind admitting to owning alts, there is no problem, but there certainly is when they are using alts as a coverup, to deceive others, to bully and to harass for sexual favours.

      Creating alts, to break up couples....just ask any couple, they will tell you!
      Creatubg alts to cause trouble between friends.
      Creating alts to harass for sexual favours.
      Creating alts to cause confusion.
      Creating alts just for the sake of doing it...
      Creating alts to cover up lies and deceipt
      Creating alts to give false impressions

      Not only that, hijacking alts for their own use, when ever they feel like it, we have known several that have been so hijacked, and they change the origine of country....so they are easily detected with ip checking.....

      Be aware, all of you who creat alts for deceiptions, we will eventually find you and expose you, because those who are genuine members need to know who you are......

      Marianna :) have a nice day!

  65. > SignUpGamers <> UpDate

    Yes, V and Red are right, There is a new "scam" setting up:
    The CopyCatClan.

    The Community is now aware and can't be fooled anymore!

    Steeling real pics on internet for creating a profile
    is common (facebook), although it is illegal.

    This Topic does point out to the Situation/Context
    that was precisely addressed last week,
    in the Kingdom-Of-Light 3rd. Semester Report
    (Published on Home page texts: Archive, Dec.2013),

    And it does pertain to the complementary text
    "Article; Repetitious Habits"
    (Published on Tab Virtual World, PAGE: Virtual-Living)
    which does address the related issue (the SingUpGamers).


    Staff in the Kingdom have been monitoring:

    These Particular Alt-Nicknames
    are a series of Alts created by Painne and the Clowns,
    After the Kingdom-Of-Light has published the Alts
    they were utilizing for tricking people out
    (on the Griefers List; link to the right-hand side),
    After Henso (olymp scam) left them.

    Here are the details:

    - The CopyCatClan [Factice Gang] (Nov/Dec 2013):
    Series of Alt-Nicknames created 1 per day.
    All same style, similar Background, Picture-Medals,
    amount of C$, Premium (no log ins!), and music.

    Created by Painne_US and/shez-a-rat/and/or/with AssnubilDark
    Teamed eachother and AssholeDark (DaFart).
    All of them logged one after the other
    (can't get them all on at the same time; same user),












    ip (so you can spot them and not be fooled): - *AmylynnBlack* - Mountain Home, Arkansas, USA - Renez - Mountain Home, Arkensas, USA
    Looks like Kris (in Arkansas) has join them (for a while).


    ip (so you don't get fooled by this little twidly didly Clown)
    Da-ice-man / wholFart / AssnubilDark / KidCuffDaddy: - wFart - Charlotte, north carolina


    This Series was initiated by Painne (PennGate):
    9- Paynne_US: his ip (so you can spot him and not be fooled) - Painne_US - Milwaukee, Wisconsin, usa

    *Wisc Usa-Male*
    *Move Foundation* [created in 2013]
    Collete Taylor


    Simple: ask them to be on, in green, all together, same time, same place!
    The list is being currently updated, and soon to join the Griefers List.

  66. + + + + + + + + + + + +
    It has been a great year:
    Genuine members have realized they are autonomous,
    and the exact portrait to this virtual community.
    Adaptation to this new reality takes time!

    Our Virtual Community needs more Real Genuine members,
    Adults who are mature, settled in life, creative,
    and truly enjoy virtual-life.

    This year 2014, priority must be focusing on:
    - Improving the actual context (friendly, welcoming),
    - Producing resources (Designers, Items, RoomShapes, etc.),
    - Displaying interesting Clubs/Places (Hosting),

    Sincere thank you to all Genuine Members
    who have shared Benevolence, Friendship,
    and Great Support among eachother!

    Do enjoy blissful holidays,
    And may you have a successful year!


    + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    Es war ein großartiges Jahr:
    Echt Mitglieder haben erkannt, sie autonom sind,
    und die genaue Porträt dieser virtuellen Gemeinschaft.
    Die Anpassung an diese neue Realität braucht Zeit!

    Unser Virtual Community braucht mehr wirkliche echte Mitglieder
    Erwachsene, die reif sind, im Leben verankert, kreativ,
    und wirklich genießen virtuellen Leben.

    In diesem Jahr 2014, muss Vorrang werden mit Schwerpunkt auf:
    - Verbesserung der tatsächlichen Kontext (ehrlich, freundlich, einladend),
    - Die Produktion von Ressourcen (Designer, Objekte, Raumformen, usw.),
    - Angezeigte interessante Clubs und Orte (zu Host).

    Herzlichen Dank an alle ehrlichen Mitglieder
    teilen Wohlwollen, Freundschaft,
    und große Unterstützung untereinander!

    Sie genießen glückseligen Urlaub,
    und haben ein erfolgreiches Jahr!

    Das Königreich-Des-Lichts.

  67. Publishing on their behalf (they requested anonymous):

    12/02/13: I recieved that note from him or her.
    I want to be away from Moove drama. I am an old member,
    I have been bullied by many here, even left Moove a few times...
    Thank you for looking out.


    12/03/13: Im in Dispair,couldn't renew Membership,can yu help?


    12/10/13: hi thank you for the info I knew something wasn't right
    glad you have let me know about it smiles


    12/27/13: I applaud you both for standing up.
    For years I watched them chased away good members
    even myself had to changed nicknames thru out the years.


    27.12.13: Thank you for all your infomation,
    i know that you are right, some want to destroy Moove
    and that is very sad!


    Thank you very much for your support.
    Throughout the year, the Kingdom did help several members
    who requested changing Nickname, because of harassments.

    Sincerely, we wish this will not happen next year.
    Nevertheless, The Kingdom-Of-Light remains fully dedicated.

    Do enjoy good times in this virtual community;
    Lothar made it yours!
    Sincere regards,

    Genießen Sie die gute Zeiten in dieser virtuellen Gemeinschaft;
    Lothar hat sie dir gegeben!
    Herzlichen Grüße,

    1. Well it is nice to see that moovites are able to live their virtual lives in peace, after turmoil, and we are more than happy to support anyone in such a predicament, please dont hesitate to ask for assistance, we will help most assuredly if we can.....


  68. Ok guys, really, its time we thought of an alternative
    to the Moove website boards.
    Public Board is there to be utilized
    (nothing to do with the Nickname publicplace/holland Dude),
    it is moderated, so no bashing will be permitted.
    Constructive and intelligent texts more than allowed.
    World News and info are on the Nickpage-Foot.

    So, get going and start posting!
    After your first post is enabled, all your next ones are auto-enabled.

    You have all seen how Moove website boards are played with,
    and to be honest in my opinion, they should be permanently disabled.
    It isn't possible to moderate them in the right sense,
    and blocking them really isn't the answer.
    Although, while they are blocked at least we dont see all the back biting
    and childish behaviour! That's one real blessing.

    So, go visit the link below and post (Public-Board),
    intelligent and interesting items, stories, poem.
    Even events you are thinking about, as well as asking Roomancer help.
    Perhaps start a discussion about a topic you are interested in.
    Have fun!!


    The number of views on this website has increased very significantly.
    And that is normal, since the situation is rather tediously prolonged.

    We are communicating with Moove Representatives,
    We will publish News as soon as we get meaningful information.

    In the meantime, you are welcome to post here,
    your opinion, anxiety, or frustration...

    We are asking for your patience.
    The Kingdom-Of-Light.


    auf dieser Webseite,
    Die Anzahl der Ansichten hat sich sehr deutlich erhöht.

    Und das ist normal, da die Situation ist mühsam längere.

    Wir sind mit Moove Vertreter Kommunikation,
    Wir werden die Veröffentlichung von Nachrichten,
    sobald wir aussagekräftige Informationen zu erhalten.

    In der Zwischenzeit,
    Sie sind herzlich eingeladen, hier zu posten,
    Ihre Meinung, Angst, oder Frustration...

    Wir sind für Ihre Geduld bitten.
    Das Königreich-Of-Light.

  70. It is, most frustrating that this is so prolonged as you said.
    However, at least we know it is being looked into and hopefully
    back online again very soon.


  71. ENGLISH:
    There's an investigation going on,
    by U.S. Justice (United States)
    and Project Alert, on moove U.S.,
    about filthy content that were posted on the boards.

    Those who are responsible for that
    are shezawolf and anubisdark.
    They have posted improper contents,
    such that moove U.S. might be forced
    to remain shut down, by U.S. Justice.

    Es ist eine Untersuchung los,
    von U.S. Gerechtigkeit (United States)
    und Project Alert, auf moove U.S.,
    über schmutzige Inhalte,
    die auf den Brettern gebucht wurden.

    Diejenigen, die dafür verantwortlich,
    sind shezawolf und anubisdark.

    Diese beiden haben schmutzige Inhalte veröffentlicht,
    so dass moove U.S. könnten gezwungen werden,
    bleiben abgeschaltet, von U.S. Gerechtigkeit.

  72. - THE PURGE (February 7/20, 2014) -
    As you see clearly now; The Truth Prevails!

    Do enjoy good times in this virtual community;
    Lothar made it yours!

    Genießen Sie die gute Zeiten
    in dieser virtuellen Gemeinschaft;
    Lothar hat sie dir gegeben!


  73. Its great to see so many old time members returning, lets hope they stay for a time...and help to rebuild roomancer....it is important to invite old buddies because they have a good understanding of roomancer and if, newbies do arrive there will be the need of those who can pass on their knowledge......


  74. = = = INFORMATION = = =

    Please take note (Genuine Members):
    Since The Purge (March 2014),
    some Roomancer-Owners come to us complaining,
    being discusted, sick and tired about moove.com Boards.

    It is useless to ask us about moove.com Boards,
    Because we Do Not read the moove.com Boards.
    Therefore, we Do Not have anything to do with any of those!

    1- moove.com website Boards are Not moderated.
    Basically, they are Free-Bashing-Benches.

    2- Since there is nothing but "ipse dixit" on those boards;
    We Do Not pay attention to moove.com Boards,
    We Do Not read nor address futile quarrels and disputes.
    and, honestly, we don't care what's there.

    moove.com is only the Login Facility
    for Roomancer to log into the Server
    (community.moove.com/cs). Once logged in,
    Roomancer is Autonomous on the Internet.

    Ex.: Paste this link in Roomancer address bar:


    As per The KINGDOM-OF-LIGHT;
    Everything is Public.

    For Services & Information:
    We are Living Online 3D-virtual,
    24/7 in Roomancer (green),
    Available between 5pm GMT and 11pm GMT,
    or on request.

    3- Every member has the Right
    to enjoy Roomancer-3D in Peace and Safety.

    If you feel you are victim of Harassment or Abuse,
    send a Report to Moove-Community-Server:

    Strato AG: Christian Mueller
    Roomancer-3D Dedicated Server

    eMail: abuse-server@strato.de
    fax: +49-30-88615-755

    Enjoy Roomancer-3D!



    As explained in the > 3rd.Semester 2013 KOL Report <

    Statistics of the Online Numbers
    (50/60), and analysis: 40 Genuine Members,
    plus 10+/- Trolls creating Alts (SignUp-Gamers).
    Tot: 60± Members + Alts
    (OneLogin-Alts and ThrowAway-Alts)

    The moove.com website does not publish any advertisement.

    The moove.com website is only the Login Tool (Gateway)
    for Roomancer Peer-to-Peer System to access internet and the controls.

    If you want to bring Real Newcomers to use Roomancer-3D,
    You must promote it yourself
    (see: Advertisement Kit).

    NOTE: There are Normal Boards available to Genuine Members,
    those are properly managed and moderated on a regular basis.
    (see: Guidelines on the Nickpage: > Public-Board <.




Mmelaniemaus Website

Mmelaniemaus Website

xCateyx and CarlD.

xCateyx and CarlD.
Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on Image).


Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on image).


Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on Image).


Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on Image).


Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on Image).


Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on Image)

MiLady Marianna

MiLady Marianna
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