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3D World Magazine (Roomancer-3D / Moove).
Original concept: Jaya/Sugar, KoL correspondent (jayaLady).

0- Fashion-Show / Formal Wear definition: Page > Fashion-Show <
1- Stylister (Styles services and demonstration): Page > Stylister <
2- Gallery (User/Readers pictures),
3- Shopping: Boutiques and Exclusive items (free downloads),
4- Basic Items For Start-Up (for New Arrivants in Moove),
5- Moove-O-Scope [Articles: Soon to come],
6- Questions and Answers (Moove fashion),
7- Texts and Poems,
8- Easy Recipes & Tricks: Page > Recipes <
9- INTERVIEW (with prominent Moove Members).


- Lilly's GALLERY -
(Users/Readers Creativity & Artistic Expression)

xCateyx: Artistic Photographer.


- Lilly's Boutiques & Exclusive Items -

Moove Items (furnitures, gadgets, decos) and RoomShapes presented Free.
>>> On the Host page (google): Click FILES and select Download. <<<
* Thanks to the Designers who are participating!

- Maggymay's Studio Shop > Boutique < - Female & Male Wears!

- FEATURED ITEM (provided by Maggymay):
Makes Pants Tight To Legs (female Tool): > LTX_femSizeItPants <
[Tool created by LindaTX]

Proud First Member of Moove!
One of 3 founders of groups, with Lothar!
Rapunzel One > Boutique < - Everything For Moove (Items)!

One of the Pioneers of Roomancer-3D!
Member since 2001, Outfits & Items Designer!
*Rhovana* > Boutique 1 < > Boutique 2 (Hairs) <

HOST: google-Drive.
Adjusted or corrected RoomShapes (+S+).
- > RoomShape DMA-Chappel
- > RoomShape DMA-Egyptian2
- > RoomShape DMA-Oasis1
- > RoomShape DMA-Pyramid1
- > RoomShape LimoROOM
- > RoomShape MajesticROM
- > RoomShape MM-Pool1
- > RoomShape 2MarketPlatz
- > RoomShape 2HBPalais
- > RoomShape HBPoolRoom2

9 Original RoomShapes: created by SubJoe (very long time Moove member),
Very attractive, Innovative, No texture needed, and All panels paintable!
-> SJ-RoomShapes

Exclusive Items / Deco-RoomShape: LPDieBurg set
These are Items (Furnitures, Decorations, Gadgets)
For Castle Type of setting;

LPDieBurg_I.MPZ: Provides the Items,
LPDieBurg.MPZ: Provides the RoomShape,

The RoomShape has 15 rooms/divisions,
You can remove the Items (Room, CleanUp Room),
and All panels are paintable,

Example (right-click the image for Enlarging):

> Download (zip) <
*Note: This is a big zip: 25,591KB.

- BRAND NEW ITEMS - Dove Castle Wine -
Right-Click on image to Enlarge.

ITEMS: 2 bottles of wine,
- rasrwinemari: Dove Castle Red Wine,
- raswwinemari: Dove Castle White Wine.

> Download (zip) < 


This RoomShape was Created (Designed) by xMariannax & CarlDompierre
(on July 17, 2013),
And it was Manufactured by Sir Olaf
(on August 17, 2013).

Right-Click on Image for Enlarge.

> Download (zip: SOLGreek1) <

This RoomShape was Created (Designed) by xMariannax & CarlDompierre
(on August 17, 2013),
And it was Manufactured by Sir Olaf
(on September 17, 2013). 

Right-Click on Image for Enlarge.

> Download (zip: SOLTavern1) <

Marianna's Deco-Room: Vampire's Lair > Free Download <

Right-Click to enlarge.

Basic RoomShapes decorated by Moove Members, between 2002 and 2009.
These sets have been packed (zip / MPZ) according with Moove standard method.
Therefore, all original items and textures are included.
Only several old items are missing (before 2003),
if yu find them, let us know!

Although all of these are remarkable and very interesting,
each having a precise Theme and is different from the others,
Here we offer 6 Deco-Rooms that are outstanding.

Take a tour and look at them: > Diaporama <

6 Deco-Room Free Download:
Click or Right-Click on Image to enlarge
1- > PVL_Split
Paradise & Hell...

2- > PVL_Bitofjapan
Asian style...

3- > PVL_New Asian
Asian style...

4- > SB_ReadDragonLab
Dragon's Lair...

5- > PVL_GardenofPeace
Exterior garden...

6- > PVL_Disc1
Dance place...

All these DECO-ROOMs are available (Free).

- > Basic Actress: nude, bald (1ADRIANA)

- > Mooveports_UPnP (Moove Connection Tool Script)
Provided by xMariannax.
* [google Glitch] After downloading:
Right-Click on the file mooveports_UPnP.vbs.jpg
Remove the last 3 letter and the last dot (.jpg)
The file Must be mooveports_UPnP.vbs (extension: .vbs).

-  Dancing Using Postures (animation):
Dancing in Moove with postures is quite easy,
all you need are a few postures specially made for dancing and you are off!

There are postures available on various sites on the community page,
but if you are new and you want to try these
then come and see me (xMariannax)
and I will see what I can find for you.

You need two postures per dance moove,
so you can start with say, 3 or 4 sets of dance postures to get started.

(download the sets below)

You click on one Dance Posture,
You click on the second Dance Posture,
And then you type into the chat bar <e>
This will start the animation.

Once started, you can intermingle
with the other Dance Postures you have,
experiment with them for a while
so you can see which works with which.

If you want a demonstration then do ask,
I am more than happy to help out.
It just takes a little getting used to, thats all,
and you improve the more you practice.

Below are some basic dance move postures to give you the basic idea,
(the first set) they run in a sequence and follow on from each other.
The second set will give you the possiblities of intermingeling them,
to creat a unique dance sequence that you can change at any time.

If you need any help please send me a message with your questions,
Enjoy! xMariannax

- > Male Dance Postures (Set for animation).
- > Female Dance Postures (Set for animation).


- > Candy Sinz 1

- > Candy Sinz 2 

- > SweetGirlDesign

- > Chantell


For New Arrivants in Moove:
(Newcomers and Long-Time members coming back)
When the Moove Free Shop & Moove Free Shop 18+ are Not available:

For allowing Start-Up, Basic Items can be downloaded (Free):

When downloading, click Files, select Download.
(items are inside).

1 - Body Parts ( .outfit) Goes in the folder Moove / Outfits:

> BEyes <
> BHairs <
> FemFaces <
> MaleFaces <

2 - Actors ( .Actor) Goes in the folder Moove / Actors:

> MaleActors (nude) <
> 1ADRIANA (female actress, nude) <

3- Doors (Custom made Doors):
These are MPZ items, after downloading,
Right-Click on them for installing.
They will be available on the Menu: Room, Doors.

> iDoors0 <

4- Many other Items are available on:
> My Nickpage <

5- On the Community Page:
There are many 3D Boutiques from reputed Designers:

- Offering a variety of Items (furnitures, gadgets, decorations),

- Offering a variety of Actors/Actresses and Body Parts
(eyes, hairs, skin colors, etc.).


Articles chief editor: xMariannax (Submit yur articles)

= = = = =

Articles soon to come.

= = = = =


- Lilly's Questions / Answers (Outfits) -
Questions to Jaya from Moove User Members:

- Q: Dear Lilly,
I am a guy and I never know whether to wear gold
or silver jewells, when I dress my actor.
Any hints that can help?

- A: Pick the type that matches with that is on your outfit,
If you have silver buttons and belt, wear silver jewells,
Gold fits with everything else.

- Q: Dear Lilly,
I can't find swim suits for men, is there any?

- A: It true, it difficult to find for men, look at these:
Rasta (Male outfits)
Candi Sinz (Male outfits)

- Q: Dear Lilly,
I am new in Moove (female), and I have a problem.
After I did make my actress, I got many outfits,
But they don't match with my skin color!
Did I do something wrong? Or should I change my actress?

- A: You did nothing wrong, it normal,
You need to know what Skin Type you have (Actress Name),
In Boutiques, you must check what Actress Name outfits are made for,
Julie is white, Mariko is tan, etc.
Some outfits are for All Skin Types ( Maggymay ).

- Q: Dear Lilly,
Should a pale person wear Pale Colors or Bright Colors, and why?

- A: Autumnal shades work well with fairer skin types,
those with freckles or those with red tones to their hair.
Anything with a yellow tinge to it
will bring out the beautiful color of your skin, eyes and hair.
Reds, greens, oranges and browns will compliment you,
but experiment with how soft or bright the colors.
The best eye makeup for those with blue eyes
and very fair porcelain skin are brown tones.
Steer clear from the pastel shades (like light blues, lilacs or rose pinks)
that are always sold to those with pale, porcelain skin.
Instead, pick a palette that brings out the sexy blue color of your eyes,
choose some shimmery browns, or a set of greens and gold.

- Q: Dear Lilly,
What are the colors for Dark Skin?

- A: Sky and Sea Shades work excellently with darker skin tones,
and those with grey or blonde hair.
The clear, blue tones will really enhance your features,
and bringing out the fabulous color of your eyes and hair.
Experiment with different blues, pinks and purples,
as these will accentuate your beauty.

- Q: Dear Lilly,
What could you do to make a change?

- A: Scarves are Essential,
If any of you have seen Confessions of a Shopaholic,
then you will understand the sheer importance of a scarf.
It can be the very thing that makes you memorable, that defines your style.
Even if you now think that you have
entirely the wrong colours in your wardrobe,
you can start changing the way you appear
by buying something as simple as a scarf.

- Q: Dear Lilly,
If you wear pale yellow outfit,
what could do to the outfit to make it look better?

- A: You wear Blue, and have a pair of orange shoes.

- Lilly's Thoughts -

What is a Friend?
Someone we trust, And someone we care.
Our deepest secrets, With a friend we do share.

Times when we're lonely, And covered in fear.
A good loyal friend, Will always be near.

A friend will not criticize, Nor ruthlessly judge.
Towards our dreams, Faithfully nudge.

Attentively listen, And offers advice.
A friend keeps no tabs, Never looks at the price.

Picks up our stress, And brings joy with a joke.
A friend feeds us laughter, In memories we soak.

A friend is everything, And always much more.
With a huge smile, A friend opens the door.


Life is Beautiful;

Life is beautiful, we all know,
In the summer and in the snow.
So many things to learn and see,
We are equals, we are free.

Life is beautiful, we all know,
Younger ones, we teach and we show.
Life is filled with satisfaction,
There is always, a cool distraction.

Life is beautiful, we all know,
Relax, and go with the flow,
Degree of beauty, depends on the eyes,
What do you see, when you look at the skies?



Lilly's Fashion Wordsearch -

In the Grid below, find words related to Fashion,
and send your answer(s) to jayaLady - OR - xMariannax

* Prize: 1000C$ per good answer *
(answer is verified by 2 persons)
(each word paid only once per indidual)
(there are 103 words total)

(with prominent Moove Members):

1- JayaLady (June, 2013);

Jaya has a very particular
and unique way of dressing,
She gets in the Actor Studio for hours,
literally, and takes time to pick up
just the perfectly right parts and pieces,
and to match them up
with other outfit elements.
Often times putting together
parts of other outfits.

Jaya comes up dressed in a way that's so astonishing,
many times wearing things that would look pretty awkward on anybody else!
Her style gathers so many items and accessories,
one could spend hours checking her up!

Jaya's style of dressing is so inspirational,
it has changed Fashion in Moove!

Between her many run abouts and occupations,
she agreed to sit down and let me interview her.

Welcome Jaya!
jayaLady: ty for having me here.

Do you remember when yu first arrived in Moove?
jayaLady: yes i do, it was diff...
jayaLady: i have figured out some stuff,
like moving around, and learning to walk, file was very hard,

Managing files? downloading zips?
jayaLady: all the time i was on computor, and never knew how to file zip,
wasnt to bad, it took me a week to learn my self to file.

Did you find anybody to help yu with those?
jayaLady: they tried to tell ow to file, but i didnt understand it!
jayaLady: i didnt never learn about c drive, i never had,
jayaLady: i loaded rommancer frist and just learned to move along.

Once you learned about Roomancer stuff, did you visit ?
jayaLady: yes, it was ok, i had to get use to it,
jayaLady: ezmoney was the frist one i visited, ez gave me Membership and cash.

At that time, you had no particular actress, had you ?
jayaLady: no.

What was it like in a basic actress?
jayaLady: like shit, lol
jayaLady: my basic actor looked like shit
jayaLady: it wasnt me, lol, it didnt feel rigth.

Now, you feel better? I mean, you are comfortable with this actress?
jayaLady: yes at times,
jayaLady: when i dont hate some one, lol
jayaLady: i just not, it my mood a guess!

No body in Moove looks like you do, each day you dress differently,
you been doing that each day for a year now, why are you not so happy?
jayaLady: it my mood, my clothes, my looks...

You invent a new dressing set every day, even several each day!
jayaLady: yes i know,
jayaLady: some time i am happy the way i look that day,
jayaLady: some time i am not happy on the way i look!
jayaLady: then go fix up again...

Ok! So you have tons i guess?
jayaLady: yes!

What is the drive that makes you create new dress arrangements?
What is the motivation to create so many new arrangements?
jayaLady: some time i put any thing on,
jayaLady: when have make a fast visit i do, and thinking,
jayaLady: what want to wear,
jayaLady: thinking and going through them, noramly pants,
jayaLady: some time my tatoo,
jayaLady: there again it my mood,

Your mood?
jayaLady: yes.

The main thing for you is Fashion?
jayaLady: the color and you skin tome,
jayaLady: that goes with skin tone,
jayaLady: you dont want snow white body, and a white dress on,
jayaLady: special if you wear a plain color,
jayaLady: but a red belt on bring out the color.

Accessories are important?
jayaLady: yes!

What shop do you like very best? what Boutique?
jayaLady: sweetgirls, rastagirl,

Wow! These are the very best!
jayaLady: but i dont care the way they have them set up,
jayaLady: that match one skin tone.

So, you do encourage ppl to get lots of accessories?
jayaLady: yes, like bracket are great, and belts even a hat, like sun hat.

I rarely see you wearing hat!
jayaLady: no you dont,
jayaLady: i have a few, i wear alot of braclet.

Yes you do, I see that
jayaLady: you have watch on what you use,
jayaLady: bracelet bring out the color also...

When do you wear gold or silver?
jayaLady: the one that make you on color are the best.

How do you see Moove today?
jayaLady: it ok, i have up and down here,
jayaLady: some time it ok and some it not,
jayaLady: moove is ok...

What do you like most when visiting, club hoping?
jayaLady: yes and look at the fashion and the clothes!
jayaLady: the cloth, shops, and the rooms,
jayaLady: i love fashion here in moove! all the diff colors!
jayaLady: the people dont know fashion to good,
jayaLady: they are jealous on the way i look and act!
jayaLady: when i frist came to moove everyone look so plain,
jayaLady: and when i started to dress, they changed also, more sexy and stuff...

You mean, looking at the way you dress, they've changed the way they dress?
jayaLady: yes.

Well, Jaya, I want to thank you, sincerely,
for bringing such improvement to Moove's Fashion,
The way to match parts together and creat outstanding wears,
with existing clothes and outfits,
it gives Moove Fashion new and fresh inspiration!

jayaLady: thank you.

 All Rights Reserved: The Lilly Makebelieve Book Magazine (c) 2013, The Kingdom-Of-Light.

Mmelaniemaus Website

Mmelaniemaus Website

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xCateyx and CarlD.
Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on Image).


Moove Artistic Photographer (Right-Click on image).


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