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Group Membership.

Kingdom Of Light Group Membership.

This Group is meant for establishing an infrastructure,
putting in place Institutions and Traditions,
And Relationship between "virtual citizens",
Cultural and Social Norms...

Contrary to the cult-of-selfhood, which is motivated by selfishness and greed,

These Social Norms (Brotherhood) are group-held Guidelines
On how members should behave in a 3D World virtual context.

As principles of value and virtue,
These Guidelines contribute to better relations and friendships!

Brotherhood (based on principles of knighthood),
Is an organized society of people associated together
In an environment of companionship,
Dedicated to the intellectual, physical,
And social development of its members.

This Group is not meant to dictate anything to anyone,
But rather to invite by showing the example.



The Concept of Chivalry:

Gallantry, courtesy and honor.
The noble qualities a knight was supposed to have,
such as courage and a readiness to help the weak.
The demonstration of any of these qualities.

That is a precise definition to be sure,
but it does leave some unanswered questions.
Let’s consider a different approach.

From the "Ten Commandments of the Bible", to "The Eightfold Path of Zen", to the "Mahabarata", to "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten", people throughout history have searched for a way to define and quantify admirable behavior. The code of chivalry is, at its heart, simply a handbook for good conduct.

But chivalry was not a mandate from the powerful to the downtrodden, nor a directive from the chosen unto the masses. It was a set of limitations which the strong and mighty placed upon themselves with the realization that setting a good example sends a message which is far more powerful than any words on paper.

Today, we’re not too different from those knights in the Middle Ages; we have a great deal of wealth and resources and freedom at our disposal, and we can use (or misuse) them in nearly any way we like.

Perhaps that’s why people are finding the concept of chivalry so relevant to modern life. Perhaps, like those knights in shining armor hundreds of years ago, we want to experience the satisfaction of knowing that we have championed the right causes and embraced the right principles, not because we were told to do so, but simply because we have chosen to follow that path.

In short, that’s what chivalry is; a choice.
The choice to do the right things,
for the right reasons,
at the right times.

And that’s a definition
that even your social studies teacher
probably would have approved of.


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In Moove 3D World Online:
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]
A Group of trustworthy Moove Members,
Experienced with specific Roomancer Tools,
Genuine, Enthusiasts, Creative, and helpfull,
Passionate and dedicated to harmonious frienship.

MEDALS badges (displayed on Moove Nickpage):

1- LandLord:
Kingdom Of Light Group founder and administrator,
Owner of the administrative rights to the Group.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

2- Queen:
Assistant to the Group founder,
Ambassador to the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

3- Bishop:
Foreman to the Group, is the "steward" of the Kingdom Of Light.
Also includes help to newcomers.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

4- Knight (Chivalier);
Title of glory, awarded for outstanding deeds of Honours
(companionship) in the spirit of brotherhood.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

5- Rook (Tower):
Title of glory, awarded for outstanding deeds of Protection,
and Promotion toward the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

6- Crow (bird's eye):
is the Messenger to the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

7- Oracle:
Considered to be a source of wise counsel or enlighten opinion,
trustworthy of authority (experienced),
intellectual or philosophical in nature.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

8- Alchemist, The Will of Creative Power:
is a person who uses the mind creatively,
Artistic and Refined taste,
Producing original material and items of art.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

9- Fellow, arrivant, (newcomer):
is a Newcomer in Moove, and to the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]


10M- Citizen (Male): in the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

10F- Citizen (Female): in the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

11- Member of the Assembly:
Has "voice" in the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

12- Parliament:
Has "voice" and "vote" in the Kingdom Of Light.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

is or has been active on the terrain
(combat, tasks, deeds, missions and quests),
Registered User-Member in Shaiya 3D World.
[Roomancer-3D Owners/Users]

CONSTITUTION SYSTEM: LandLord and Parliamentory Assembly.

Official Public Address (April, 2013); Moove Community.

On behalf of the Moove Group KINGDOM-OF-LIGHT;
I am expressing Sincere Thank You to: Lothar, Kozzan, and Belle,
For maintaining Moove online and operational!

Yes indeed, "Moove must thrive on its own",
And we do agree totally with that!

It is precisely in that context we have constituted this Group
(January, 2013), within the spirit of Brotherhood!

The Kingdom-Of-Light, as a Body,
does establish certain Principles, or Guidelines.

By virtue of its existance,
This Group does promote equality, and diversity,
as part of its fundamental ethos.

Principles of value and virtue
does contribute to better relations and friendships,
for establishing an atmosphere of Fraternity,
Fellowship, and Harmonious Relations.

* (read elaborate description, page: Brotherhood)

This is the Infrastructure we present,
as a solid, concrete, firm basis on which
interested Members can establish themselves in Moove.

We are dedicated at populating Moove Community,
by welcoming Newcomers from everywhere,
and by inviting back Long-Time Members.

We are committed to offer support, encouragements,
and to sponsor everyone without discrimination.

March 2013 marks the beginning
of a new era in Moove; The Era of Brotherhood!

Those who choose to be part of it, also agrees to the ethics.
They chose the path to Join of their own choosing.

In the spirit of Good-Will,
For the Good of Moove,

Carl Dompierre
(Landlord to the Kingdom-Of-Light)


A- This Group is not meant to dictate anything to anyone,
But rather to invite by showing the example.

B- Brotherhood (based on principles of knighthood),
Is an organized society of people associated together,
in an environment of companionship,
for promoting the intellectual, physical,
and social development of its members.

(read elaborate description, page: Brotherhood)

C- Based on principles of knighthood:
1- Courage of the Heart
2- Faith
3- Mercy
4- Nobility
5- Generosity
6- Hope
7- Justice
8- Loyalty


Kingdom-Of-Light Report (September, 2013):
State of The Present Situation (Moove Community)

1- Statistics / Statistik
RESULTS - August 2013:
ERGEBNISSE  - August 2013:

> Page Statistic.

2- The KINGDOM-OF-LIGHT has been active from March 26, 2013.

Objectives were/are:

- To present a Social Infrastructure that promotes Friendship, Fraternity, and Togetherness.
- To repopulate Moove (number of 3D House)
[Program 1: Grant Free Gold Membersip/Renewal]

- To distribute C$, which belongs to the community in the first place.
[Program 2: Sharing Of Wealth]

- To bring Motivation and Interest for Moove activities,
- To encourage Long-Time Moove Members and Designers,
so they are interested in making use of their expertise.

- Monitoring the progression of Moove Community
by using two (2) reliable sources of Statistics;
[A] Website Monitoring Hosts (general statistics),
[B] Recording the Online Numbers on a regular basis.

The Statistics (Page: Statistics),
Are showing clearly the progression of Moove Community.

- The present situation is that
Moove has been given to the Community to care for itself,
and it's up to every serious Moove Member to contribute in what ever way they can.

Whether it is small things (Posts, Clubs, Places)
or big events, parties, exhibitions, and contests,
All Moove Members need to be proactive!

Because, everyone has good things to bring!

Thanks to those who have already joined in participating,
those really do have perspective, Motivations, and great expectations for Moove!

Let's all come together,
And make Moove Online a Wonderful Virtual Place!

- - -

Kingdom-Of-Light Report (September, 2013):
Stand der gegenwärtigen Situation (Moove Gemeinschaft)

1- Statistik oben, veröffentlicht am Page: Statistics.

2- Das KÖNIGREICH-OF-LIGHT aktiv ist vom 26. März 2013.

Ziele  waren / sind:
- Um präsentieren eine soziale Infrastruktur,
die Freundschaft, Brüderlichkeit und Zusammenhalt fördert.

- Um Wieder zu bevölkern Moove (Anzahl der 3D-Haus)
[Programm  1: Erteilen Kostenlose Gold-Mitgliedschaft / Verlängerung]

- Um C$ verteilen (C$ gehören zur Gemeinde),
[Programm 2: Austausch von Reichtum]

- Zur bringen Motivation und Interesse für Moove Aktivitäten,
- Um ermutigen lange Zeit Mitglieder und Designer,
interessiert zu sein in die Nutzung ihrer Expertise.

- Überwachung der Progression von Moove Gemeinschaft
durch Verwendung von zwei (2) zuverlässige Quellen für Statistik;
[A] website Überwachungs-Hosts (allgemeine Statistiken)
[B] Die Aufzeichnung der Online-Nummern auf einer regulären Basis.

Die Statistik oben sind sehr deutlich zeigen das Fortschreiten
der Moove Gemeinschaft.

-  Die gegenwärtige Situation ist,
Moove hat der Gemeinschaft gegeben worden, um für sich selbst zu kümmern,
und jeder ernsthafte Mitglied muss auf die Verbesserung Moove beitragen.

Ob es sich mit kleinen Dingen (Beiträge, Clubs, Places)
oder mit großen Veranstaltungen, Partys, Ausstellungen, und Wettbewerbe,
Alle  Moove Mitglieder müssen proaktiv zu sein!

Denn, jeder hat gute Dinge zu bringen!

Vielen Dank an diejenigen, die bereits in den teilnehmenden beigetreten sind,
die haben wirklich Perspektive, Motivationen, und große Erwartungen für Moove!

Lasst uns alle zusammen kommen,
Und machen Moove Online eine wunderbare virtuellen Ort!

CarD, for/für: The Kingdom-Of-Light.



Each month of the year has a particular Theme.
And these can give inspiration for Activities,
Events, Clubs, Outfits and Room Designs...

Suggestions of Activities:
Exhibitions (works of art, pics, paintings, etc.),
Room display (visiting, pictures),
Outfits display (pictures),
Writings (poems, texts),
Postures (pics; for stances, sitting, hugging, dancing),

Dedicated Months:


March / Aries / Hamal

The beginning of Spring.
The Month of celebration of the birth of the Kingdom-Of-Light,
Anniversary: March 26 (2013);
New Era in Moove, The Brotherhood Era.

Hamal star; (Hamal has remained in mind as a bright star
near what was apparently an important place
when people first studied the night sky).

April / Taurus / Aldebaran

The Month of Jewels, gems, and precious metals...

Aldebaran star; (the brightest star in the constellation,
and is one of the brightest stars in the night time sky).

May / Gemini / Pollux

The Month of Nature, ecology, forests, camping...
The wilderness, Wild Animals, birds...

Pollux star; (from Chinese: Bei Hé; meaning North River).

June / Cancer / Al Tarf

The Month of Diversity...
Celebrating different cultures, countries, ethnics...

Al Taraf star; (Derivation from Arabic; meaning "The Eye").

July / Leo / Regulus

The Month of Movements, visiting, dancing, partying...

Regulus star; (from Arabic; meaning "the heart of the Lion").

* (Postures being the heart of our personalities in a way,
how we move, sit, dance, and portray ourselves.
Promoting the use of postures).

August / Virgo / Spica

The Month dedicated to Helping the Weak/Needy...
Welcoming New Members, inviting them, gatherings...

Spica star; (from Medieval names; meaning "The Undefended").

September / Libra / Zubeneschimali

The Month of Water...
Boating, boats, ships, vessels, islands...
Shoreline, bay, river, ponds, ie chinese garden, etc.

Zubeneschimali star;
(from the Arabic; meaning "The Northern Claw".

October / Scorpio / Antares

The Month of Creation / Creativity...
Expression of personality, work of Art...

Antares star;
(from Ancient Mesopotamia; meaning "the Lord of the Seed").

November / Saggitarius / Kuas Australis

The Month of Beauty, Sensuality, romantism...
Flowers, garden, Poetry, writings...

Kuas Australis star; (from Akkadian; meaning "the Swallow").
[Hirondelle] The swallow is symbolic of hope,
fertility and renewal of life. Another symbol of the love goddess.

December / Capricorn / Deneb Algedi

The Month of Costumes, and Christmas time...
Extravagant wardrobe, special actors, original rooms...

Deneb Algedi star; (from Chinese; The Forth Star).

January / Aquarius / Sadalsuud

The Month of Women.
Expression of the feminine archetype (Cosmic Mother),
Great Women in history and modern times...

Anniversary: January, 29 (2013);
Constitution of the Kingdom-Of-Light.

Sadalsuud star; (from which, many cultures have believed,
creation itself [birth] emanates).

February / Pisces / Eta Piscium

The Month of (unity) Friendship...
Dedicated to celebrating friends, buddies...
Cakes, buscuits, sweets, cooking...

Eta Piscium star; (Piscium itself is known as Yòu Gèng èr,
English: the Second Star, the Official in Charge of the Pasturing).



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