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Thursday, 14 November 2013

- Public Address (Tyranny) -

- Public Address (Tyranny) -
To: Members of this Virtual Community.

According with the number of views to this Forum, which have been increasingly most significant lately, And wanting to avoid the matter being biased, It is my responsibility to present some insight. It would be unproductive for me to describe the history. Because, at one point or another, every member of this community had a misadventure with or involving one of these maladroit "griefers", whether directly, or with their Alt-Nicknames. 

- Sheza has always been working at wrecking others, for years, causing havoc one way or another, using her many Alts, and blaming others for it, as a hypocrite charlatan. She always bashed at anybody posting anything. So much that nobady was posting anything for fear of being insulted without reasons. Before March 2013, everybody kept quiet about that, for fear of being refused renewed membership from her. They were accepting her blackmail and bribery, to get their next year's Gold Membership.

- Wolfheart has always been an indolent character, before he met with sheza and became her bondman (serf). Together, using their many Alt-Nicknames, they teamed up at wrecking others and causing havoc in the community. How many times did he insult all members, as cuffdaddy! And then, he came on as Anubisdark pretending to be The Saviour! Again, everybody kept quiet, to make sure they got  their following years membership renewed. Or, they had no idea these are the same User.

I know what you have all been through,
They've tried the same falsehood on me, on my wife, and all my friends!
And Very-Long-Time Members told us a lot!

- Henso and his Vom-Olymp Alts is different. He was just playing at portraying female characters, pretending to be living on a greek island, hoping to get real women to have lesbian sex. He was pretty inoffensive and puerile before sheza recruted him after she had lost assistance. She used him, and the Vom-Olymp Alts, for gripping on Newcomers arriving, and luring them into another scam of hers (sex, slavery, and disgusting behaviour). He could have made a very nice band, with ancient greeks Theme and all that stuff! But, he went down the wrong path.

- The Boards (freedom of speach) -

The last text posted (Moove Board) by the KIngdom-Of-Light was one suggesting to Members how to protect themselves. Because we do know who is who. Monitoring ip is basic, and somebody is now at creating a Roomancer Tool for making that easier and standard.You can read that text on this page. That is when they blocked the Boards first, trying to blaming others for it.

Depriving a community the Rights to freedom of speach is the worst offense that can be made! Indeed, that is Dictatorship, Tyranny, Despotism! We felt Members of this Virtual Community have been had long enough by these hypocrite Clowns. Only then, we did publish their Alt-Nicknames! (After they blocked the Boards first)

- Trouble-Makers List (on the right-hand items)

Everybody knows the Buffons are living by bashing, that is all they have ever been doing. These narrow-minded Clowns have shot themselves into their own two feet, by blocking the only thing they were on Moove for: Bashing on the Boards! Of course, they are holding Moove Boards only to themselves, because they can't stand the truth, they are Tyrants, and they don't want their victims to answer back. Since they are living by bashing, they will put up means for them to bash safely, without anybody responding, sort of a Lavatory:
The Buffon's Board/Forum: The Latrin!

The conclusion to their latest spin-around and frenzy is they are showing to everybody the Tyrants they are. Their motivation is Despotism, Persecution, Oppression. And they don't care about anybody (selfish, egocentric). To them, this Virtual Community is just a playground, no matter the ethical or moral consequences.

These Buffons, shez-a-rat, wolfart, and the 3 others you will discover on their Latrin-Forum (there are 5 Clowns, basically), the only power they have is conceilement, keeping their intrigues and stratagems hiden. They don't want the community to have the means to find out! If Members protect themselves, Griefers have no way to lure them.

Now, everybody knows who these Buffons are (griefers),
and what Alts they are using for tricking others.
Do Protect yourself and your 3D House!
Lothar always said "use Ignore",
it's the safest way to enjoy Roomancer peacefully.

Lock these Trouble-Makers out!

- New Context - 

3D Characters, or actresses/actors (avatars), does embody real people! Nothing can be "just a game" if it involves moral consequences. Whatever is happening, if it really matters in an ethical or moral sense, it cannot be "just a game". [Johan Huizinga]

Since March 2013, the context has changed.
Nobody is bonded to blackmail and bribery anymore: Gold Membership, with C$ and renewing (gold keys) are distributed to everybody, totally free. Of course, that's what got sheza enraged: She couldn't hostage the community anymore!

We did establish the Kingdom-Of-Light, as a social infrastructure for this virtual environment, simply because we realized the community was left alone. It is great the Forefathers have set the community autonomous and independent, and gave them all the means for that. However, it was a ship without a helm! And mischief took over. The Kingdom-Of-Light does not seek to run anything. On the contrary, its sole purpose is to set everybody free! And to provide information on Roomancer. So all members, without discrimination, can enjoy this marvelous template! There is no "personal vandetta", nor anything that sort. That would be irresponsible of me, in the first place, and detrimental to members of the Kingdom.

This board  > Areopagus <  is totally Free,
Open to everybody on Internet (no need to sign up)!
Interesting, positive, and moderated, it is meant for providing Freedom Of Speach.
Everyone has something good to bring!

These two (2) heedless eccentric users (sheza and wolfart), They ought to realize and accept the fact that the entire community has had more than enough of them. The whole community now knows their Alt-Nicknames, and they can do some maths pretty good! Misadventures they went through some years ago, involving particular "Nicknames", are now revealed to have been orchestrated and perpetrated by these same two griefers (sheza and wolfart). These two (2) ought to realize that Roomancer/Moove is not meant for causing grief.

Members of this Virtual Community are worth a lot more
than being just a playground for bored brats.

Both of you: sheza and wolfart
Drop down your harmless pellet-guns, and bury them. You can see those are leading you to nowhere. You are simply making fools out of yourselves. Grinding at wrecking others and causing havoc is not acceptable, and it will not be tolerated. Everybody can see how you grip on Newcomers, on Long-time members trying or considering to come back. Harassing them using your collection of Alts, embarrassing and annoying them with discusting stuff, Buddying/Teaming them even before they land in 3D! They rarely last 1 week!

You have been wrecking Moove from day one, hypocritely, and you are still doing that. Now that everybody knows your Alts, you cannot come complaining and blaming others anymore. 

Instead of spinning around digging your own grave deeper: Find a way to fit Positively into this Virtual Community, and to make some friends... eventually, with time. (Music is a nice subject to start with) This will be beneficial for everybody, Including you. 

To all members of this Virtual Community:
Do enjoy Roomancer/Moove in Privacy and Peace,

and do participate at improving it!

"For evil to triumph, It is only necessary that good people do nothing".
"Damit das Böse triumphiert, reicht fehlendes Handeln guter Leute".



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